• AtendeSoftware - redGalaxy Player
    redGalaxy Player is a video player with DRM, analytics and adserver support for following client platforms: HTML5, Android, iOS.
  • AtendeSoftware - redGalaxy DRM
    We provide widely recognized DRM systems Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay deployed in the cloud, along with convenient HTTP/REST API and examples of its use.
  • AtendeSoftware - redGalaxy Storage
    redGalaxy Storage is a distributed storage cluster, designed to handle dozens of petabytes of data. Each file is stored in multiple replicas in geographically separated nodes. redGalaxy Storage provides storage space for VOD content, as well as network PVR and Catch-Up TV. Available in both on-premise and PaaS models.
  • AtendeSoftware - redGalaxy Coder
    redGalaxy Coder is an in-house developed H.264/H.265 encoder, suited for live and VOD content. It scales to multiple CPU & GPU cores, allowing blazing speed encoding with highest quality. Available in both on-premise and PaaS models.
  • AtendeSoftware - redGalaxy Portal
    redGalaxy Portal is a comprehensive solution for building internet TV services. We provide everything you need to run your own internet TV platform and monetize your video in various business models: AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, nPVR, Catch-Up TV. redGalaxy Portal integrates functions of CRM, CMS, MAM and recommendation systems. It comes with redGalaxy Player, a multiplatform video player with DRM, analytics and adserver support. redGalaxy Portal supports vast majority of end-user platforms, including Web/HTML5, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV. Available in both on-premise and PaaS models.
  • AtendeSoftware - redGalaxy CDN
    redGalaxy CDN is a distributed content delivery network, designed for large scale streaming of live & VOD content. redGalaxy CDN provides outstanding features, not available in classic origin/CDN deployments: on-demand image scaling and cropping, video buffer for seamless timeshi¬ft and catch-up, on-the-fly content packaging and encryption. redGalaxy CDN supports live & VOD streaming using MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming and HLS protocols. It allows to deliver highest quality content to vast majority of end-user devices, including web, mobile devices and connected TVs. Available in both on-premise and PaaS models.
  • Woody Technologies - Woody Outgest
    Woody Outgest - automate and control your transfers from Avid® Interplay | Production. The transfer management is centralized to playout, archive or web. You have direct control over Interplay’s transcoding features. Woody Outgest allows backup and transfer of metadata, it works with Cloud delivery (AWS, Azure) and transfer acceleration (Aspera and FileCatalyst). API is configured for external control and monitoring. Woody Outgest is the efficient and cost effective solution to handle all your transfers.
  • Woody Technologies - Woody Ingest
    Woody Ingest - automate and simplify your ingest with our unique processing tool. Woody Ingest allows automated ingest for all media formats with smart transcoding and rewraping logic. It is integrated with most PAMs and MAMs on the market. You can configure dynamic organization rules for PAM and MAM integration. This tool is easy to deploy and operate. Woody Ingest provides centralized management for all your automatic media and metadata workflows.
  • Woody Technologies - Woody in2it
    Woody in2it - index and manage multi-format files. This intelligent ingest tool has an intuitive user interface for all users, journalists, editors and technicians. It can treat any source format, any target and 4K workflows. It allows you to select and index content before the ingest. in2it is integrated with most PAMs and MAMs on the market, like Avid® MediaCentral, Dalet Galaxy, Cantemo Portal… Woody in2it saves your time, optimizes storage usage and gives users full autonomy for all ingest operations, in a unified user interface.
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