• Variant Envivo Replay Server
    Super Slow-motion, Envivo Replay works with a full range of 0-100% speeds. If capture happens at 1080p, Envivo Replay internally converts to your 1080i or 720p workflow.
  • Fujitsu IP-920 Encoder/Decoder
    The Fujitsu IP Encoder/Decoder for contribution networking, features standard H.264 that performs live high fidelity SDTV and HDTV transmissions at low bit-rates. The IP-920 supports balanced analogue audio for professional Legacy equipment users.
  • Fujitsu IP-HE950 Encoder/Decoder
    The IP-HE950 is video transmission equipment that has adopted High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard H.265. H.265/HEVC realizes 2 times the compression ratio of H.264/AVC. A 1U half rack size chassis with high performance LSI realizes real-time 4K transmission.
  • ULM-1264
    The ULM-1264, a high-end AV monitoring solution for confidence checking and diagnostic monitoring of HD/3G/12G-SDI, Dolby E, Dolby Digital(AC3), AES/EBU and analogue audio signals. The ULM-1264 is designed for easy operational use with instant signal feedback provided on large, clear 8-inch LCD screen making it easy to monitor video signals, audio phase, loudness and signal alarms.
  • UXC-2000
    The UXC-2000, a UHD cross converter from HD/3G/Quad Link to 12G-SDI and vice versa. It also provides full SDR to HDR processing and conversion based on HLG, PQ10 and BT709/BT2020. Housed in a compact 1RU frame with dual power supplies the UXC-2000 is a powerful convertor for any UHD 4K facility.
  • HVS-2000 Vision Mixer
    The HVS-2000 engine is a powerful 6 video M/E machine and a game changer in today's video production mixer. 24 inputs/18 outputs standard, expandable to 48/18 or 40/22.
  • FA-1010 Multi-channel signal processor
    Frame synchronizer equipped with an array of essential functions used in video production and that allow multi-channel routing (10-input/10-output video). Supports 3G-SDI and HD/SD-SDI input/output as standard and includes all typical FS and CC (standard) features.
  • FA-9600 Multi-purpose signal processor
    The signal processor features 12G-SDI terminals, optional software opens the door to 4K(UHD) production. Provides HDR and WCG support. Switch between 4K/HD simultaneous mode and dual HD mode.
  • HVS-490 Vision Mixer

    HVS-490 Vision Mixer

    FOR-A Company

    Our newest vision mixer. MELite expands the capabilities of AUX transitions. Special FLEXaKEY keyers are designed for flexible reassignment. The mixer offers 16 useful 2.5D DVE.
  • FA-505 Multi-channel signal processor
    5IN / 5OUT with Up/Down/Cross Converter. Supports 3G-SDI and HD/SD-SDI input/output as standard and includes all typical FS and CC (standard) features.
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