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  • C510ip-s AoIP,  X.21 and ISDN Codec
    The latest version of the C510ip codec supports SIP connectivity over IP. This feature provides AoIP compatibility with many other codec manufacturers and SIP based telephone systems (TBU).
  • Capella - Cambria LIVE
    Cambria Live is a software-based system that encodes live broadcasts in real time and uploads them to popular streaming servers such as Adobe Flash Media Server, Wowza Media Server, YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Ustream. Cambria Live takes uncompressed broadcast video directly from a camera via SDI or HDMI and compresses it into the H.264 format with AAC audio, ensuring optimal video and audio quality. Audio level control Lip-sync delay adjustment Real-time text insertion Playlists Real-time layer insertion Failover source setting Twitter notification Cambria Live Scheduler Multi-view virtual multi-camera Instant highlight re-import Retry setting Capture separate audio source Cambria Live Edit Scrolling text Import multiple video file formats Ustream uploader Facbook integration YouTube integration Wowza Server upload Adobe Media Flash Server upload File recording
  • Capella - Cambria File Convert
    Capella File Convert a flexible transcoding software solution that converts video files between formats for editing, archiving, and broadcasting and allows you to produce high-quality media files suitable for broadcast, IPTV, Web, and mobile applications. Cambria File Convert yields the best H.264 and MPEG-2 output file quality. It can also perform additional video processing such as frame-rate conversion and video size conversion.
  • Cardinal range of Mains Distribution Units
    The Cardinal range of intelligent mains distribution units provides 12 separate outputs, an SNMP interface, email messaging and a choice of single or dual inputs and optional temperature sensing – all in a 1RU unit. With a choice of single input or dual input changeover versions, inrush current protection and optional temperature and humidity sensor, the Cardinal iMDU provides a comprehensive solution for remote control and management of power distribution in an equipment rack.
  • Consultancy
    We deliver consultancy from small wiring projects through to large multi-million pound facilities. As broadcast technology becomes ever more sophisticated, the decisions around system design become more complex too. The pace of technology change means that clients often look for external support and advice in evaluating and selecting the optimum technology architecture to meet their current and future business needs. dB Broadcast is increasingly undertaking consultancy work to help its clients understand this changing environment and how best to leverage the benefits. Broadcasters require advice that is independent of particular hardware and software providers, and which has insight into vendor roadmaps for the latest solutions. Many now engage in ‘Proof of Concept’ testing before determining their technology strategies. An understanding of media workflows and the design of efficient migration strategies adds further value for clients. To gather, define and rationalise overlapping and often conflicting requirements and drivers from all parts of the operation using business process analysis is an intricate task, one that the dB Broadcast team feels it is uniquely placed to carry out, based on its considerable industry experience across a broad range of disciplines.
  • Connect2 resource booking software
    Connect2 is the leading solution for resource booking, tracking and usage optimisation.
  • Codex Production Suite
    A fully-featured dailies and archiving system featuring sophisticated tools for colour grading and LUT management, QC, metadata editing and audio sync so you can manage and create all your deliverables within one unified system. Transcode to all the formats you need to deliver, faster than real-time, even with an input LUT, CDL and a 3D LUT. One workflow, no matter what camera. Most importantly, Codex safeguards your most valuable asset, your digital negative. Production Suite is available on Mac Pro and MacBook Pro as well as Codex’s own hardware – the XL-Series Vault. Ideal for DITs, it has all the tools needed to produce on-set or near-set dailies. You won’t need anything else.
  • Codex Dual LTO-7 Dock
    The Codex rack-mount Dual LTO-7 Dock enables the high-speed transferring and archival of data over a Thunderbolt 3 interface to LTO-7 tape. Compatible with Codex Production Suite for Mac OS X featuring Codex Vault Platform™ and Review™, for an integrated workflow providing a built-in archiving solution for support to single, dual or up to (4) LTO-7 devices.
  • Codex Transfer Drive Dock
  • Codex Capture+Transfer Drive Dock
    The Codex rack-mount Capture + Transfer Drive dock enables the high-speed cloning of Codex Capture Drives and the transferring of data to the Codex 8TB Transfer Drive at clone speeds of 10Gb/s or 1300MB/s. Compatible with Codex Production Suite for Mac OS X featuring Codex Vault Platform™ and Review™, providing a perfect companion to a Vault workflow. Ideal for use rack-mounted into a DIT cart, or use with 2nd unit splinter team already using a Codex Vault workflow.
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