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  • Z8 G4 Workstation
    HP's most powerful desktop workstation Top-of-the-line power to fuel those who reimagine our world. When you need a workstation with the capability to run complex simulations, handle advanced Machine Learning algorithms and process huge amounts of data, the HP Z8 doesn't disappoint.
  • ZBook 14u G5 Workstation
    Workstation-class power meets thin and light design for executives on-the-go. With features like 3D professional graphics, you can view and edit high res files from anywhere.
  • ZBook 15u G5 Workstation
    Our redesigned ZBook has been customized for road warriors with a taste for sophistication at just 1.9 kilograms and 18.6 mm thin. Designed with metallic finishes and an optional 4K, touch display, you'll get a premium experience that travels light.
  • ZEN Master
    ZEN Master is the cloud-based set of virtual tools that reduce the complexity of live-stream workflows. As your content offerings scale, ZEN Master gives you centralized control of your entire Zixified Network. Instantly view your global video-delivery network in one place. Quickly configure new live channels without additional engineering resources. Optimize operational costs as you increase content offerings through dynamic cloud scaling. ZEN Master provides configuration, orchestration and monitoring tools down to the individual channel and device level—across the entire enterprise.
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