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  • Woody Technologies - Woody Outgest
    Woody Outgest - automate and control your transfers from Avid® Interplay | Production. The transfer management is centralized to playout, archive or web. You have direct control over Interplay’s transcoding features. Woody Outgest allows backup and transfer of metadata, it works with Cloud delivery (AWS, Azure) and transfer acceleration (Aspera and FileCatalyst). API is configured for external control and monitoring. Woody Outgest is the efficient and cost effective solution to handle all your transfers.
  • Woody Technologies - Woody Ingest
    Woody Ingest - automate and simplify your ingest with our unique processing tool. Woody Ingest allows automated ingest for all media formats with smart transcoding and rewraping logic. It is integrated with most PAMs and MAMs on the market. You can configure dynamic organization rules for PAM and MAM integration. This tool is easy to deploy and operate. Woody Ingest provides centralized management for all your automatic media and metadata workflows.
  • Woody Technologies - Woody in2it
    Woody in2it - index and manage multi-format files. This intelligent ingest tool has an intuitive user interface for all users, journalists, editors and technicians. It can treat any source format, any target and 4K workflows. It allows you to select and index content before the ingest. in2it is integrated with most PAMs and MAMs on the market, like Avid® MediaCentral, Dalet Galaxy, Cantemo Portal… Woody in2it saves your time, optimizes storage usage and gives users full autonomy for all ingest operations, in a unified user interface.
  • Wisycom IEM Systems
    MPR50 IEM Receiver - - 232 MHz bandwidth in 470 to 798 MHz range - True diversity with 2 whip antennas - 200 mW peak audio power - 2 x AA Battery - 200 mW peak audio power MTK952 IEM Transmitter - The Wisycom MTK952 Dual Channel IEM Transmitter Mono or Stereo is a versatile dual channel transmitter capable of working in a huge UHF bandwidth and of generating any kind of narrow-band modulations, with very high quality and low spurious emissions. Features: - 330 MHz Bandwidth (470-800 MHz) - Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) of signal for the highest flexibility and quality (> 70 dB stereo separation) - Stereo, mono, intercom audio modulation - DSP audio processing (40bit floating point / 2Gflops) with multi-companding - Low interference output stage with wideband intermodulation phase cancellation 2400 user-defined frequencies (40 group by 60 freq.) - Analogue & digital input (AES3) - Output power up to 2 Watt (/W option) - Redundant power supply 230/110 Vac & 12 VDC (DC is optional) - SWR (Stationary Wave Ratio) sensing on antenna outputs - Reference In/Out for iso-frequency transmission (with option MS) - DC OPTION:DC power supply (10-16VDC) - MS OPTION:Master Slave configuration for iso-frequency network Power Versions: - MTK952-W05N: (N-Type) Max power 50mW. 470 to 800MHz - MTK952-0W2N: (N-Type) Max power 200mW. 470 to 800MHz - MTK952-2W0N: (N-Type) Max power 2 Watts. 470 to 800MHz Master/Slave Version: MTK952-MS
  • Wisycom Kit with free Transmitter
    The Wisycom Kit Deal – Including Free MTP40s or MTP41s Transmitter provides a total set of 1 x MCR42s wideband receiver and 2 x MTP40/41s Transmitters. The deal is; buy 1 x MCR42s & 1 x MTP40/41s and get 1 x MTP40/41s transmitter FREE. This allows the Wisycom MCR42s and MTP41s/MTP40s kit to be used in multiple locations around the world!
  • Wowza Streaming Cloud
    Wowza Streaming Cloud is a feature-rich, global streaming platform with 4K delivery, low latency streaming, custom transcoding and more.
  • Wowza Streaming Engine
    Wowza Streaming Engine is the gold standard of customizable streaming server software for building and delivering professional-grade streaming at any scale.
  • Wowza ClearCaster
    Wowza’s ClearCaster™ appliance is purpose-built, with help from Facebook, to ensure successful streaming, auto-configuring optimal settings for broadcast-quality live events. Developed to significantly increase the streaming success of Facebook Live broadcasts, Wowza ClearCaster offers real-time stream health monitoring that automatically adjusts on the fly to ensure uptime and quality, letting you get started in minutes, with unparalleled control and flexibility.
  • Worldwide 3G & 4G SIMs

    Worldwide 3G & 4G SIMs


    DistriConnect provides eUICC SIM cards for best of breed worldwide 3G & 4G connectivity at realistic and competitive rates. Wired Broadcast Ltd are the exclusive UK distributor for DistriConnect and can provide their global connectivity solutions on short or long-term contract.
  • WMT Postlink, Realtime editing platform over bonded IP connections
    The PostPlatform is the new solution for realtime editing of proxy files and contains the PostLink unit and the PostHub software. If you are out in the field shooting news or other time-sensitive content, you can transfer files wireless with the PostLink unit. So there is no need to wait for the delivery of physical media. The receiving server gets a high resolution edit file from the original source, with all the original audio, video and metadata, based on the EDL. The PostLink unit in cooperation with the PostHub software automates the offline production of content, transferring real time proxy files and high res fragments based on edit lists. PostLink uses bonded wireless networks to transfer the low res files to the backend editing systems.
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