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  • VT5C
    New 5 colour LED tile • 5 Colour Red, Green, Blue, Tungsten and Daylight mixed at source for a seamless consistence output • Colour temperature: 2800-6500K • Dimensions: 595mm x 595mm x 38mm lxwlh) • Weight: 5.5kg • Watts: 70W • Voltage: 30-48v DC • Lux 1500 @1m • CRI: 96.5 • Flicker free • XLR Cable in and through for daisy chaining tiles • DMX control • Local control through on-board display with fast access encoders • No colour temperature shift through dimming range • CCT mode with plus and minus green shift • Edge Lit LEDs for even light distribution • RDM Control • Mounting: V-lock mounting plate and stirrup options
  • Viprinet VPN Routers

    Viprinet VPN Routers

    Viprinet Europe

    Bond multiple internet connections from different ISPs and aggregate their bandwidth into a single, high-speed link. Bond 4G (LTE) with DSL, Wi-Fi and satellite to create a highly resilient, always-on connection. A Viprinet bonding router can create reliable connectivity on the move, with enterprise-grade performance at a fraction of the cost of a leased line. Viprinet multi-channel VPN routers are network and application agnostic – use them with any encoder/decoder or IP application in virtually any country.
  • Voicefairy.com voice over search engine.
    VoxXpress presents it's next generation of voice over search technology making it quick easier and more convent to find the voice over performance you're after. Click here for more.
  • Video Streams - streaming for mass audiences
    With minimum transmission delays, ad-­free broadcasting, one-­day offers and excellent network location, Video Streams is a reliable partner in projects involving video streaming for mass audiences. This innovative platform offers a flexible approach to streaming allowing users to reach 500,000 viewers simultaneously with the world’s leading CDN coverage. Simply choose your device, set up the transmission with Nadaje, paste the HTML code onto your website and your video is ready to be displayed. For every broadcast you will also get an individual, configurable web page within Nadaje.com. This can be adjusted according to your needs; you can upload your company's logo, change the background, create simple menus with external links or redirect your own (sub)domain to the Nadaje site to let your viewers stay in touch with your brand and feel like they never left your website. Furthermore you can protect your broadcast with a password as an additional feature, or enable online payments and live-chat to interact with your viewers in realtime. Video streams is ideal for use in a number of verticals, including live streaming cultural, sporting and corporate events, as well as in the education and government sectors. Visit stand F05 to find out more and get details on free test accounts and trial periods so you can discover the power of Video Streams.
  • VEGA
    Media Analyzers for Standards Compliance, Debug, and Interoperability VEGA is an industry leading media analysis platform for standards compliance, debug, and interoperability of encoded streams. VEGA enables navigation down to the deepest levels of a media file to generate error reports and analysis. This significantly reduces R&D and QA time in delivering standards-compliant video. VEGA supports all popular video compression and container standards and includes features such as video comparison and quality checks. These features help deliver high quality, standards-compliant media while reducing R&D and QA time.
  • Video Toolkit
    castLabs' cloud-based video processing service provides high-quality encoding/transcoding, encryption, watermarking, subtitle conversion, and packaging of video assets into on-demand DRM-enabled adaptive streaming formats. Infinitely scalable, castLabs Video Toolkit is also ideal for variable demand use cases whether you require budget-conscious inexpensive speeds or faster than real-time conversion.
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