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    Quinebox IoT

    Nilesh Mandalia

    QuineBox™IoT The missing link between camera, cloud and editor. Save 3-5 hours of manual work per camera per day. Record and upload comformable editorials to your edit SAN as you shoot. (ProRes/DnX 1080) Upload dailies to any cloud solution, as you shoot Optional burn-in of TC, filenames, LUTs WiFi and LTE – Always connected Rich and robust metadata support. Stream live video and dailies to your computer, tablet or phone on-set (Upgrade) Modular design for soft- and hardware upgrades Fleet-control, for multiple devices (Broadcast/Larger production houses). Qi workflow application connects the set to the editorial and post stages. Compatible with RED, ARRI and SONY cameras. 1 TB built-in SSD storage Internal battery for "soft" battery changes. Shoot = Direct to edit
  • Quantum



    High Performance Shared Storage
  • Quartzcolor



    Quartzcolor Lighting Equipment
  • Quantum Stornext Pro Solutions
    StorNext Pro Solutions offer Post-Production and Broadcast Professionals the fastest, easiest and most complete shared high-performance storage for today’s complex collaborative workgroups. Whether you are building a 4K post-production studio, refreshing an existing Xsan deployment, or standing up a new broadcast facility, StorNext provides the perfect storage to support high-volume workflows.
  • Quales QC and File Verification software
    QUALES is a fully featured, comprehensive video and audio Quality Check (QC) system that is used to check the integrity of your media files. The earlier any issues are found with your media, the easier and quicker it is to rectify them. Quales will analyze media files arriving into your facility and will automatically perform a series of automated tests on both the audio and video signals, confirming the files meet channel specifications Now Showcasing Upcoming DPP specifications!
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