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    Hyku solutions for video streams and television companies
    The Piccoletto is a high efficiency Fresnel lens spotlight using a High Output 30W COB (Chip on Board) LED Array and with an enhanced CRI (Colour Rendering Index) higher than 90 for appropriate chromacity performances. The Piccoletto is available with either Tungsten (3.200°K) or Daylight (5.600°K) Balanced CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) Available in DMX / PHASE DIM / LOCAL All version are configurable for track mounting
  • PTZ Prompter

    PTZ Prompter

    Brian Larter

    CueScript PTZ Prompter System
  • PSI Audio (Full Range of Speakers)
    PSI Audio Family: A14-M, A17-M, A21-M, A25-M, A215-M, A214-M, A125-M, A225-M
  • Phonak Roger Earpiece
    The Phonak Roger Earpiece IEM Receiver combines Phonak’s advanced digital audio technology with an ultra small, discreet form factor – making the receiver virtually invisible in front of cameras or audiences, without any belt packs or cables. And with a comfortable fit thanks to its tiny 1.3g weight, and hours of battery life, RogerTM Earpiece can be used all day. Using Phonak’s proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless spectrum, RogerTM Earpiece is easy to set up, and even easier to use, with plug-and-play configuration and automatic reconnection. Along with the earpiece, Phonak offers RogerTM Base Station and RogerTM Touchscreen Mic, to deliver a full platform for studio professionals. Up to 15 base stations operating in a single space. Unlimited RogerTM or touchscreen working with each base station. Unmatched discreetness Combining all features in a tiny shell, specially shaped to fit into almost all ear canals, the Roger Earpiece is virtually invisible. Unrivalled intelligibility Roger, the latest digital wireless standard at 2.4 GHz, features a low noise floor and large audio bandwidth, delivering unrivalled sound quality. Unbeatable ease of use: A “plug & play” communication system, the Roger Earpiece is ready at the push of a button, requiring neither cables nor belt-packs. - Micro size Earpiece: 18 mm length – basically invisible - Ear specific form factor - Light weight: 1.3 g (incl. battery) - Exceptional sound quality - Max output level: 100 dB SPL - Unlimited number of Earpieces can be connected in one network - Easy handling and cleaning - Battery Life: > 12 h (size 10 battery) - Out-of-range beep
  • Phonak Roger Repeater
    The Phonak Roger Repeater has increased the functionality and flexibility of Phonak’s Roger Earpiece by providing an unlimited range extension. With the Roger Repeater it is now possible to have full coverage wherever you are, including across multiple rooms, such as from green room to main stage. Usability: - Unlimited range extension - Integrated rechargeable battery - Operates standalone or permanently powered - Indicator lights - Fixing bracket and power supply included - MultiTalker Network: Connectivity: - Connect button - Micro-USB socket - Fixing Bracket: Easy wall mounting - 1/4-20 tripod mount - Easy snap-in/out - Power supply cable retention
  • Pole Operated Yoke
    The Pole Operated Yoke is modular in design and can be made exactly to customer specification from existing stock. Designed to stretch and shorten to fit any sized light, the yoke is fitted to a light with two cups which pan and tilt - and being pole operated, this enables the operator to make any adjustments from the ground - taking away the need to have ladders cluttering up the set and posing potential safety hazards.
    Carry your mobile workstation effortlessly, the ultra-low profile design is slightly thicker than a dime and only weighing 2.18 kg. Configurable with NVIDIA Quadro P3000 or P4000, the device also offers different options for storage, memory and screen resolution, hence designed to be both scalable for workloads and a powerhouse for heavy, complex computing tasks. The PNY PREVAILPRO Mobile Workstation with NVIDIA Quadro P4000 is VR ready and has the perfomrance required for professional VR workloads. From geometry to textures, panoramas to light fields, NVIDIA Quadro is the de facto standard for VR acceleration and streamlining. PNY is working with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to certify PREVAILPRO mobile workstations to ensure the utmost compatibility, performance and reliability professionals need when using industry leading applications.
  • PTZ Optics

    PTZ Optics


    3G HD-SDI, HDMI, IP Streaming and USB live streaming cameras. PTZOptics is a broadcast quality!
  • ProMax



    ProMAX Platform™ is the collaborative foundation for media creation. Platform Advanced Shared Storage provides Extreme Performance, Scalability and Secure Reliable Operation allowing you to team to edit directly from the shared storage.
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