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  • Portaprompt Premuim and Quasar
    The new broadcast prompting monitor range from Portaprompt
  • PD Dante Monitoring and Diagnostic Unit
    Nixer Pro Audio will be introducing the PD Dante to the UK broadcast market formally for the first time. PD Dante is a compact, standalone monitoring and diagnostic tool for engineers in any broadcast and live OB environment. The RD Dante will also be making its UK premier. Based on the same user-friendly GUI as it’s standalone compatriot, RD Dante provides a robust 2RU 19” frame with audio presented via full range speakers mounted in optimised ported cabinets for a high-quality sound. Each unit monitors up to 64 audio channels on a Dante® network, either individually or in user programmable groups and controlled directly from the front panel screen. Each channel can be routed to the speakers or headphones.
  • Precission Workstations
  • PAM IP
    The only unit in the world capable of monitoring uncompressed Video and Audio Monitoring for SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110 networks. Regardless of the input format the PAM-IP lives up to its PAM name and offers functionality such as loudness measurement, accurate fully configurable metering and multi-channel monitoring as standard with Dolby decoding available as an optional extra.
  • ParLite Led

    ParLite Led

    Coemar Lighting Srl

    Compact lighting fixture with aluminum body, available with a different led source: - Fixed white (3200K or 5600K) - Variable white (from 2700K to 6500K) - Dynamic Color Mixing (RGB, RGBA, RGBW) Double yoke for stage lighting. Convection cooled, no fans, ideal for broadcast and theatre installation. Flicker-free operation with LEDs frequency controlled via DMX from 600 Hz to 1900 Hz (RGBW and RGBA). Designed for high-end installation indoor (IP20) and outdoor (IP65). Variable beam angles thanks to quickly interchangeable optics (12°, 30, 13° x 40°, 50°, 110°).
  • Phantom


    Coemar Lighting Srl

    Fresnel projector with motorized linear zoom, 16 bit control for Dimmer and CCT. Light and robust aluminum body (12Kg) with innovative design. Cooling system digitally controlled also through DMX. Available in FullSpectrum (RGBCLA), VariWhite (2800K to 6500K) and Tunable Daylight (fine tuning from 5400K to 6000K).
  • PTP Track Hound
    Your free tool to capture and analyze PTP network traffic
  • PRO3 Series

    PRO3 Series


    The award-winning PRO3 Series is our flagship mobile video transmitter designed for live video producers and news gathering professionals looking for contribution performance from any location around the world.
    The Piccoletto is a high efficiency Fresnel lens spotlight using a High Output 30W COB (Chip on Board) LED Array and with an enhanced CRI (Colour Rendering Index) higher than 90 for appropriate chromacity performances. The Piccoletto is available with either Tungsten (3.200°K) or Daylight (5.600°K) Balanced CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) Available in DMX / PHASE DIM / LOCAL All version are configurable for track mounting
  • Pole Operated Yoke
    The Pole Operated Yoke is modular in design and can be made exactly to customer specification from existing stock. Designed to stretch and shorten to fit any sized light, the yoke is fitted to a light with two cups which pan and tilt - and being pole operated, this enables the operator to make any adjustments from the ground - taking away the need to have ladders cluttering up the set and posing potential safety hazards.
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