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  • ODU AMC Connectors
    From military to broadcast markets, the trend towards miniature connectors with more data and power signals together with special media inserts is where ODU lead with the ODU AMC HIGH DENSITY system
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    One Software to manage Content Store, Processing & Delivery of content
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    Interra Systems’ ORION is a real-time content monitoring system that enables service providers to deliver error-free, superior quality video. ORION performs critical monitoring functions on hundreds of services simultaneously from a single platform, providing an operator with a single point of visibility and access to important information such as, status, alerts, alarms, visible impairments, error reports, triggered captures and more. ORION effortlessly monitors streaming content scaling single to multiple monitoring units/ sites across different geographical locations.
    ORION™-OTT - Assure High QoE Interra Systems’ ORION™-OTT is one of the world’s first software-based OTT monitoring solutions for checking content integrity and related network performance of ABR content for both VoD and Live, multiscreen service delivery. ORION-OTT also provides passive monitoring of origin server performance and end-user devices understand recurrent issues and their causes.
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