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    he Lightest Weight and most compact Pole Operated Pantograph in the market for 30 kg. lifting capacity, with exceptional stability of the movable part
  • M3 Feedthrough Connectors
    Our bestselling feedthrough connectors now with M3 threaded holes for easy mounting
  • MediaCorp Singapore  live On Air with DHD
    Mediacorp is the leading Singapore-based media company with the widest range of media platforms, spanning digital, television, radio, print and out-of-home media with over 50 products and brands in 4 languages (English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil). With the move to Singapore’s designated media hub Mediapolis@One-North, Mediacorp has put its newly built broadcasting and media centre for digital, TV, radio and print into operation. The new 79,500 m2 campus includes 6 networked TV and news studios as well as a 1,500-seat broadcast-ready theatre, 14 radio studios and about 100 editing and post-production stations. Thum+Mahr was responsible for the Radio studios overall technical design and final comissioning. Our DHD partner GBS Alliance Singapore provided the installation, test & commission and training for 29 radio studios for Mediacorp New Campus.
  • MatchBox X-Frame
    The MatchBox solution to lipsync coherence and line identification requires a Generator (at the source) and an Analyser (at the destination). Generator and receiver are supplied in a 1RU enclosure, which can process either one or two channels. Channels may be a pair of generators, a pair of readers or one of each (selectable as purchase options). Dual redundant power inlets and dual fans are supplied as standard.
  • Mercury Accelsior Pro Q
    Blazing-Fast PCIe Storage Create your best work, faster than ever before. Mercury Accelsior Pro Q offers ultra-fast PCIe storage to take your creative workflow to the next level. Step up to the fastest Mac Pro you've ever experienced - With phenomenal data speeds up to 1947MB/s, Mercury Accelsior Pro Q makes high-demand creative tasks a breeze. The Ultimate Performance Storage Upgrade Mercury Accelsior Pro Q delivers a gigantic speed boost to virtually any system. Streamline your workflow and say goodbye to frustrating render wait-times, dropped frames and spinning beachballs. With this much bandwidth, you can preview, render and process files at full resolution, in real-time. The bottom line is you create much more and wait much less. It's an Easy DIY Install The Mercury Accelsior Pro Q installs easily into compatible Mac Pro models (PCIe 2.0 x16 slot recommended), or into the OWC Mercury Helios. Download the driver and you're up and running in a flash. Tested, Tested, Tested Again The Mercury Accelsior Pro Q is proudly designed in Austin, Texas and undergoes a rigorous 7-stage testing procedure including 100% burn-in, resulting in unwavering dependability. We back the Mercury Accelsior Pro Q with a full 3-year limited warranty and OWC's free USA-based lifetime support.
  • Mercury Extreme® Pro 6G SSD
    2.5" Serial-ATA 7mm Solid State Drive High-Performance Storage for Notebook and Desktop Computers. When only the fastest and most reliable Solid State Drive on the market today will suffice for your data storage and backup, look no further than the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD. Get maximum mobile performance and battery life from your notebook. Turn your Mac Pro or PC desktop into an Extreme performance single drive. The Mercury SSD line features: DuraWrite™ extends the endurance of your Solid State Drive (SSD). Intelligent Block Management & Wear Leveling automatically distributes data evenly across the entire SSD. Intelligent Read Disturb Management spreads the active read/write across the flash components eliminating data corruption caused by constant use. Intelligent "Recycling" for advanced free space management gradually re-writes data across the SSD over time to ensure data never gets corrupted. RAISE™ (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements) protects the data on your drive similar to having a RAID setup. Best-in-Class ECC Protection for longest data retention and drive life.
  • Mercury Electra™ 6G SSD
    2.5" Serial-ATA 7mm Solid-State Drive Mercury Electra SSDs deliver the latest in flash NAND and controller technology, utilizing SLC and 3D NAND for long-lasting, power-efficient performance. They offer a powerful combination of performance and reliability for demanding everyday computer users. The Mercury SSD line features: Global wear leveling algorithms automatically distribute data evenly and manage program/erase count, maximizing SSD lifespan. StaticDataRefresh manages free space, gradually refreshing data across the SSD over time, preventing data corruption. Hardware BCH ECC corrects errors up to 66-bit/1KB for superior data retention and drive life. S.M.A.R.T and TRIM command support. Standby power benefits to extend battery life for laptop road warriors. No Risk, No Hassle 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. For more information on OWC return policies, click here. This 6G SATA SSD delivers fast, reliable performance. It works as a hard drive upgrade internally and in bus-powered or self-powered external enclosures (any Mac, PC, or enclosure that supports 2.5" SATA drives, must support 7mm drive height). With sequential reads up to 521MB/s and random reads up to 90K IOPS, the OWC Mercury Electra 6G SSD line delivers unbeatable performance. High Performance Internal Storage OWC SSDs have no moving parts, resulting in a quiet, cool, highly rugged storage solution that also offers near instantaneous system response.
  • Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini
    1.0TB Bus-Powered Storage Solution Mac / PC / Chrome / USB 3.1 Gen 2 Portable RAID Powerhouse Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini is the latest high-performance portable RAID from OWC. Packing dual-drive, USB 3.1 Gen 2 performance into a portable, bus-powered form factor, this is the perfect drive for high demand applications on the go. With ample capacities, no matter where you are, Elite Pro Dual mini delivers the performance and flexibility to meet the most extreme workflow requirements for pros working with rich media content. RAID for Redundancy. RAID for Performance. Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini features easily user selectable modes RAID 0 and RAID 1. Choose the configuration that suits your needs. In RAID 0, experience blistering data transfer speeds up to 738MB/s. Or select RAID 1 for greater data redundancy from mirrored disks.
  • Mercury Helios 3
    The Little Black Box to do it All. Fast The OWC Mercury Helios PCIe expansion chassis gives Thunderbolt equipped Macs the ability to tap into a huge variety of pro-level performance PCIe cards, previously the sole domain of desktop workstations. Leveraging extreme performance Thunderbolt 3 and PCIe 3.0 technologies, Mercury Helios 3 delivers nearly unlimited expansion potential to your Mac. At up to 40Gb/s transfer speed, the sky is the limit with the flexibility to completely customize the capabilities of almost any workflow or workstation. Expansion Comes Standard Mercury Helios 3 features one half-length (up to 7.75"), full-height, double-width x16 PCIe 3.0 slot to provide a vast array of expansion options. Two Thunderbolt 3 ports means Mercury Helios supports up to five additional daisy-chained Thunderbolt peripherals including power delivery. Mercury Helios 3 also features an additional mini DisplayPort to add additional UHD or HD displays and an included Thunderbolt 3 cable. Mercury Helios is fast and flexible with phenomenal throughput up to 40Gb/s. The perfectly simple solution to add high-performance PCIe cards made for video production, transcoding, audio processing, data storage and much more.
  • Mercury Elite Pro Dual
    Dual Drive Professional Hardware RAID The next generation Mercury Elite Pro Dual with Thunderbolt 2 technology is the perfect RAID solution for creative workflows, project archives, and system backups. Inside are two drives, easily configured in RAID 0, 1, span, or independent mode. Don't Wait. Don't Worry. Thunderbolt 2 technology unleashes the full potential of two 3.5" hard drives. In RAID 0 you'll experience the maximum sustained throughput from your drives with speeds up to 474MB/s, fast enough to support compressed 4K workflows. Configure the Mercury Elite Pro Dual with Thunderbolt 2 technology in RAID 1 mode and enjoy instant mirroring of your data. Experience the freedom to create without wait or worry.
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