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    Lite Mini Hoist the Lightest Weight and most compact motorized hoist in the market for 100 kg. lifting capacity
  • LiveBoard 6.4
    The powerful, versatile yet user-friendly graphic playout software LiveBoard reaches its 4K - extremelly optimized and rich version.
  • Lightweight Lighting Stand
    The Lightweight Lighting Stand is a lighter, aesthetically simpler version of the Doughty Tank Trap. It comprises a flat, round plate and slim tube which can power a light and also a speaker. A 28mm receiver sits in the top of it which will take an industry standard 28mm spigot.
  • Live Streaming
    We can provide live streaming to social media channels and/ or a secure, private corporate webcasting system. We can add interactive features to your live stream such as polling and Q&As
  • LEDko TM Fresnel
    • Tungsten Tuneable allows for fine-tuning of the tungsten color temperature from 2.700 K to 4.100 K and is particularly suited to applications requiring precise matching to conventional tungsten lampheads • CRI average at 3200K: 96 • Proportional zoom from 13° to 65° • Internal barndoor framing system (Patented): framing system offering four indipendently variable axial blades with proportional rotation of the assembly through 90° • Green-Magenta Adjustment • Ultra quiet operation: ideal for low noise applications • Flicker-free operations with LEDs frequency controlled via DMX from 600 Hz to 19000 Hz • Fan setting with 3 different options (low-noise, auto-silent, DMX)
  • LEDko TM FullSpectrum 6
    • Color mixing through 6 colors including high-output lime to achieve true, usable broad-spectrum colour with a depth and feel beyond any RGB fixture • Green-Magenta adjustment • 2.700 K - 6.500 K Continuously Variable Correlated Color Temperature with color rendering index greater than 90 (CRI>90) • Ultra quiet operation: ideal for low noise applications • Special 24-blade motorized iris • Motorized framing system, adjustable over 90° • Guaranteed Flicker-free operation (DMX controlled frequency)
  • LiveU - LU200
    The LU200 is a small form factor portable video uplink device, utilising the patented LiveU reliable transport (LRT) algorithm to ensure your video is transmitted at the highest quality possible, whatever your connectivity is. Weighing just over 500grams and available in either pouch or camera-mount configurations, the LU200 is the ultimate device for cost-effective and easy to use video delivery.
  • LiveU - LU500
    The LU500 incorporates 8 internal high-gain 4G/LTE modems, 2 Ethernet ports, WiFi and optional 9th external 4G modem, you’ll never be without connectivity. LiveU’s patented algorithm for bonded delivery (LRT) has been perfected over the past 4 generations of LiveU and enables maximum reliability whilst keeping your video quality high.
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