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  • HFR Wizard
    A streaming camera system designed for instant action sports replays. Sustainged recording at up to 480fps at 4K resolution. The recorder allows live and playback views simultaneously, and has multiple paint functions, and multiple sync options
  • Hide A Mic 4 Pack Clips For Cos-11 & DPA4060
    - Available in Black, White, Beige and Transparent colours - Precise moulding to provide secure fit for Sanken Cos-11 microphones - Easy to fit - Vented cage design to provide quality sound - High level of protection against unwanted rustle noise from clothing Hide A Mic 4 Pack – A handy four pack of the innovative COS11& DPA4060 concealers, especially designed to easily hide a Sanken COS11 lavalier microphone under any piece off clothing. The set contains 4 different holders each with its own use. Unlike conventional microphone holders, Hide-a-mic holders are very easy to apply. You just pick the right holder, push fit the Cos-11 or DPA4060 capsule in place and you are ready to roll.
  • HDMI Converters
  • HDR|UHD Solutions
    UHD has already brought us more pixels. The next logical step is not any additional pixels but better pixels that give a picture with more definition and, most important of all, improved colour reproduction and a higher dynamic range. Which is why the initials HDR (high dynamic range) and WCG (wide colour gamut) have been challenging those of UHD for prominence on booths at trade shows and in new TV sets advertisements.
  • Hyperfile



    Cloudian HyperFile delivers enterprise file services from HyperStore, letting you consolidate unstructured data to a limitlessly scalable platform. Support Windows and Linux users and applications with SMB/NFS/FTP, plus Active Directory and LDAP integration.
  • HyperStore



    Enterprise Object Storage. Take control of your unstructured data. Cloudian HyperStore lets you start small and grow to hundreds of petabytes simply by adding nodes. Leverage the proven interoperability of the industry’s only 100% native S3 API. And take advantage of the broadest feature set in object storage. Whether for on-premises storage, or hybrid cloud storage services, Cloudian HyperStore saves time, saves cost, and puts you in control.
  • Hawkeye Modular Range - ASI and DVB-T2
    The Hawkeye range of modular products has been developed to monitor and switch all types of broadcast signals including ASI transport streams. The range also includes DVB-S and DVB-T2 receivers. Automatic operation is configurable by the user and switching may also be externally controlled and monitored by means of serial or ethernet (SNMP) control. This Hawkeye IQ modular range is compatible with the SAM IQ modular frame, and has been developed to monitor and switch broadcast signals including ASI transport streams. Any combination and mix of Hawkeye and SAM IQ modules can be housed in the same frame saving space and money. The IQ frame, PSUs and any appropriate Snell modules are available direct from dB Broadcast. To date, in excess of 10,000 Hawkeye modules have been delivered.
  • Helicopter Aerial Filming
    We deliver the highest standards in aerial cinematography using a combination of state of the art camera systems, safe and reliable aircraft and highly experienced crew.
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