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  • Fujitsu IP-920 Encoder/Decoder
    The Fujitsu IP Encoder/Decoder for contribution networking, features standard H.264 that performs live high fidelity SDTV and HDTV transmissions at low bit-rates. The IP-920 supports balanced analogue audio for professional Legacy equipment users.
  • Fujitsu IP-HE950 Encoder/Decoder
    The IP-HE950 is video transmission equipment that has adopted High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard H.265. H.265/HEVC realizes 2 times the compression ratio of H.264/AVC. A 1U half rack size chassis with high performance LSI realizes real-time 4K transmission.
  • FA-1010 Multi-channel signal processor
    Frame synchronizer equipped with an array of essential functions used in video production and that allow multi-channel routing (10-input/10-output video). Supports 3G-SDI and HD/SD-SDI input/output as standard and includes all typical FS and CC (standard) features.
  • FA-9600 Multi-purpose signal processor
    The signal processor features 12G-SDI terminals, optional software opens the door to 4K(UHD) production. Provides HDR and WCG support. Switch between 4K/HD simultaneous mode and dual HD mode.
  • FA-505 Multi-channel signal processor
    5IN / 5OUT with Up/Down/Cross Converter. Supports 3G-SDI and HD/SD-SDI input/output as standard and includes all typical FS and CC (standard) features.
  • Ferrofish A32 Dante

    Ferrofish A32 AD/DA - DANTE, MADI & ADAT Converter

    • 32 balanced inputs, 32kHz - 192kHz
    • 32 balanced outputs, 32kHz -192kHz
    • 64 Dante Inputs / 64 Dante Outputs
    • MADI optical and coaxial
    • 4x ADAT TOSLINK inputs
    • 4x ADAT TOSLINK outputs
    • S/MUX up to 192kHz
    • MIDI I/O (with MIDI over MADI)
    • BNC Wordclock
    • Redundant Power Inlets
    • 4x TFT Screens control levels & settings
    • All 64 analogue channels visible simultaneously
    • Extensive routing/mixing possibilities

    Ferrofish A32 - READY FOR DANTE
    The Ferrofish A32 Dante Version is the latest AD/DA converter from Ferrofish. Builiding on the success of the Ferrofish A32, the Ferrofish A32 Dante has an additional interface with 64 digital inputs and 64 digital outputs, which can be easily integrated into existing Dante networks.

    Alternatively, with an interconnection of two A32 Dantes, a live recording on the computer of up to 64 channels is possible at any time. In this case, a separate sound card (such as, for example, when using the ADAT or MADI ports) is not necessary. With its intuitive operating concept and redundancy options, plus multiple submix and routing possibilities, the Ferrofish A32 Dante is the perfect addition to any Dante interconnected system.

    The A32 Dante also features MADI I/O. Up to 64 channels can be transferred using a simple pair of glass fiber cables (or coaxial cable) spanning a distance of up to 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). Besides MADI, the A32 Dante also offers full ADAT integration.

    Four fully-fledged ADAT I/O ports allow use of all 64 analogue channels, even without MADI. Thanks to the MIDI over MADI feature, the A32 Dante can also be remote controlled using MIDI data embedded in the same MADI cable. The audio transfer between the MADI input and MADI output is done with zero latency!

    We know you need a reliable system. Thats why we have two power inputs. If one power supply fails, you see a warning on the TFT screens, and you can search for the failure while the A32 Dante still works with the other supply.

    MADI is also laid out redundant: If you connect both optical and coax, the input automatically switches to the other source if sync is lost.

    High-quality converter chips with excellent audio performance are supported by a sophisticated analogue amplifier circuit.

    The high-quality analogue circuit is partnered on the digital side with a Sharc DSP. This processor takes great care of the digital audio with its floating point arithmetic and 80-bit wide accumulator so that on the digital side, no bits are lost!

    The new visual control concept of the A32 Dante embarks on a new path: Besides the precise level meters of all 64 analogue channels, the four TFT displays offer a very new, self-explanatory method of operation – it's unlikely you will ever need the manual!

    You don't need to install a program to have the ability to see the levels and adjust everything. Just take a look on the A32 Dante, and you can see what's happening at any time, with all channels clearly visible on the high-resolution level meters.

    Find out more at www.synthax.co.uk
  • Fifty Clamp
    Doughty's new Fifty Clamp has TUV approval, a safe working load of 50kg and has been designed to fit tube diameter 38mm-51mm. Made from pressure die cast aluminium ensures it prevents damage to thin wall truss. It is captive with M10 or M12 bolts and comes supplied with an M10 fixing kit.
  • File Catalyst
    •Transfer files hundreds of times faster than FTP • 10 Gbps transfer speeds and beyond • Industry standard 256-bit AES encryption for secure file transfers • Transfer directly to private and public clouds • Guaranteed delivery with checkpoint restart • SDK/API capabilities to integrate into your application • Web-based transfer and administration tools
  • Facilis
    Facilis’ multi-platform shared file system and complementary workflow solutions power thousands of post production and content creation workflows in facilities worldwide – allowing professionals to store, share, edit and archive a diverse array of media at an accelerated pace.
  • FreeSpeak II
    FreeSpeak II is the next generation of wireless communication that delivers superior 7kHz sound quality, exceptional RF performance and reliable connectivity. The Core Configuration Manager tool with InSite provides live monitoring and telemetry of beltpacks and transceivers for a better user experience and ease of use for all users. FreeSpeak II gives users the peace of mind they need to stay connected at every major event, programming, stage performance, critical or mass area operation.
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