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    EditShare XStream EFS is a powerful distributed scale-out file system developed for media intensive workflows. It’s designed from the ground up to support large-scale workgroups requiring high-bandwidth, high-volume media ingest, transcoding, online collaborative editing and multiplatform distribution of HD, 2k, 4k and beyond.
  • EMAM



    eMAM is a powerful media asset management platform that provides an online proxy library of digital content with rich collaboration tools while managing native resolution content in storage and archive.
  • Elements
    ELEMENTS line of high-performance media storage and server systems incorporates 10+ years of hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge in the post-production and broadcast industry. Ambitious to design solutions that not only fulfill the requirements of demanding media workflows but pro-actively support them every step of the way, ELEMENTS follows an entirely different approach than any other vendor in the field.
  • EVO Shared Storage
    EVO is the perfect blend of simplicity and performance, with the right tools to make your post workflow more productive. EVO Highlights: • Includes unlimited licenses of ShareBrowser media management. • Enable collaborative workflows with Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro X, Resolve, Pro Tools, and other apps • Search, index, tag, and preview media with ShareBrowser. • Manage assets on Dropbox, Amazon, Google, and other cloud services. • Use Slingshot to automate repetitive file management tasks. • Utilize third-party storage with no fees. • Systems available for any size team. • Certifed with Ross Video, NewTek, Telestream, and more. • LTO integration with StorageDNA • No per-seat licensing. • NAS + SAN. • Seamless cross-platform experience. • Dynamic workspace resizing. • File and volume sharing. • Supports up to 100Gb Ethernet. • SATA and SSD configurations. • Supports up to 16-Bit 4K DPX/EXR @ 30fps.
  • EditShare Geevs Ingest and Playout servers
    Announcing the all new EditShare Geevs video servers! We have packed so much more into the newer smaller 2RU server. Packing more power to crunch higher resolution files and available in multiple configurations, the Geevs video servers are ideal for post production and broadcast ingest and playout
  • EditShare EFS 40 NL Parking Nodes
    The 40NL is a storage node that’s intended for “parking” media that still needs to be accessible almost instantly, but which doesn’t need the extreme speed called for in the middle of an online production workflow. It’s the ideal product to save material you know you’re going to need soon - but not right now. And because of this, it costs significantly less than production-speed storage. And yet it still has all the robustness and reliability of EFS. One or more EFS 40NL "parking" nodes can be added to an existing EFS shared storage cluster as a repository for unused media assets and project components that would otherwise take up valuable online storage. Doing so takes advantage of the XStream EFS “Storage Node Group” concept which permits users to assign media spaces to a specific set of nodes and define how the files in the media space are protected
  • EditShare Single Node EFS Platforms
    EditShare's single-node shared storage platforms (EFS 200 & 300) will enable small and emerging studios to migrate their workflow into a modern scale-out environment that can grow as their business expands. And, EditShare has made the expansion very straightforward with its new single-node EFS systems – simply add one or more new storage nodes to expand capacity and bandwidth. The approach allows facilities to step in at a price point and platform configuration that is best suited for the stage of their production and, more importantly, their budget.
  • eyePower Intelligent MDU
    The 14 way eyePower Mains Distribution Unit (MDU) from Bryant Unlimited offers unrivalled measurement and control of mains power distribution in technical environments. Real time data extends far beyond voltage and current, delivering invaluable safety, reliability and cost management data. eyePower users improve system uptime and can demonstrate their commitment to a safe installation.
  • e-Type II
    Over the past two years we have been working in partnership with a Red Dot award winning design company to move our range into the future of aesthetics and functionality. Having developed and evolved from over 30 years’ experience in the broadcast industry, the e-Type II is a ground-breaking, modular broadcast console. The innovative, easy-to-install modular design allows for customisation and reconfiguration as your studio develops and expands. The e-Type II can accommodate a wide range of accessories which provide both an aesthetically appealing finish with maximum functionality.
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