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  • dira! Onair Player
    dira! Onair Player - Our all-in-one studio command center. Its newly designed and customisable interface is optimized for self-operated studio workflows and gives radio DJs unmatched control over the content and presentation of your broadcast. Even in extremely demanding environments, such as outside broadcasts, the dira! Onair Player supports you to make your life easier with a lot of helpful features.
  • Dyvi
    With its scalable software and IT-based infrastructure, Dyvi offers unprecedented creativity, and a flexible, innovative approach to video production switching.
  • DM240
    The DM240 is a durable, lightweight, efficient, and color critical professional broadcast monitor. Industry leading fast mode processing, a durable all metal chassis, and our most advanced feature set make the DM240 ideal for applications ranging from production to post.
  • DAX Production Cloud
    One Software for Dailies & Post Workflows
  • DT-U Series UHD/ 4K Professional Monitors
    New professional-grade UHD/4K monitors for production and broadcast applications
  • DigiBox now distributing Streamstar live streaming and production tools
    DigiBox is now distributing Streamstar live production and streaming products in the UK and Ireland, adding the full range of these innovative, professional live production and streaming tools to its distribution network. The products include Streamstar’s advanced live production and streaming software, powerful stand-alone live production studio systems, versatile rack-mounted live production systems and dedicated real-time sports graphics servers.
  • dira! Medox
    dira! Medox is our upcoming multimedia content management system. Besides storing all your media assets, dira! Medox also brings the trusted dira! database functionalities to another level. That includes prelistening to audio, viewing pictures and video and accessing the metadata directly in the interface. Furthermore, you’re able to edit audio, video, pictures and documents with integrated editing tools. Experience a preview of the latest innovations at booth J50.
  • Display Flying
    We understand there are times when you want the aircraft in front of the camera and we can help. We can operate all kinds of remotely controlled vehicles, from planes and helicopters, to cars and boats, but lets not forget drones/uavs. We can do live displays to choreographed routines.
  • DigiBox distributes Telestream's range of desktop applications
    DigiBox is now distributing Telestream’s desktop solutions across Europe. The products include ScreenFlow for screencasting and video editing, Wirecast live streaming production software, Wirecast Gear live streaming production hardware, Switch media playback inspection and conversion tool and Flip4Mac Windows Media player for Mac.
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