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  • Digiware TV
    DIGIWARE is the multi-channel TV Scheduling software for clips, programs, live events and feed from any source. Playlist and schedule can be generated for a specific day as for long period (week and month). The schedule may include automated commands to control connected devices (routing switcher, VTR, Cart Machine, ..) and graphics (static and animated logos, tickers titles, crawls, etc ...). DIGIWARE allows the fast generation of playlists and the sharing/management of the archive by multiple users for multiple channels (user right management). Playlists are automatically generated according to scheduling rules and templates that are user definable and customizable. Preview of the clips included in the playlist straight from the PC with no need of additional hardware that allows the operator to make easy editing of the clip (trimming, associate graphics). DIGIWARE merges the advertising scheduling coming from RAM-COMM with the daily playlist. DIGIWARE includes comprehensive report generation and statistics.
  • DigiBox now distributing Streamstar live streaming and production tools
    DigiBox is now distributing Streamstar live production and streaming products in the UK and Ireland, adding the full range of these innovative, professional live production and streaming tools to its distribution network. The products include Streamstar’s advanced live production and streaming software, powerful stand-alone live production studio systems, versatile rack-mounted live production systems and dedicated real-time sports graphics servers.
  • DoPchoice SNAPBAG Lantern
    For the age of LED lighting, DoPchoice has created the patented SNAPBAG®, the first self-tighting softbox. Easy handling SNAPBAG® instantly pops out of its storage bag, ready to work. Lighter weight, quicker set-up and easy use have made them the choice of filmmakers and videographers worldwide. They erect and mount in seconds, without requiring a time consuming, heavy speed ring. These space-savers mount right on the front of most popular LED fixtures so there’s no extra stands to get in the way. New - the Lantern 3 and Octa 7 - both work with the Rabbit-Ears system and can be used universally
  • dira! Medox
    Multimedia Content Management System
  • Dell EMC Isilon
  • Display Flying
    We understand there are times when you want the aircraft in front of the camera and we can help. We can operate all kinds of remotely controlled vehicles, from planes and helicopters, to cars and boats, but lets not forget drones/uavs. We can do live displays to choreographed routines.
  • Digital 6000 Wireless Microphone System
    Digital wireless microphone system
  • DRMtoday
    DRMtoday, castLabs’ License Delivery Network (LDN) in the cloud, simplifies DRM in just one integration. castLabs’ independently audited secure multi-DRM solution enables rapid adoption of all major digital rights management (DRM) systems at a low cost, reducing time to market. Other benefits of DRMtoday in the cloud include ease-of-scaling for operational growth, and distributed data center operations worldwide ensuring excellent redundancy and low latency for license key delivery.
  • Drone cases
    Peli Cases with custom foam are the perfect out-of-the-box solution for drone and quadcopter gear with space to keep all the essential accessories properly organised to get up and flying quickly. The cases are water and dustproof making them ideal for use on location regardless of the weather conditions, feature large grab handles for easy handling and have wheels to assist with transportation. Custom foam inserts are designed to specifically meet the requirements of each drone kit, providing additional pockets for specific accessories: controllers, spare blades or props, cameras, batteries, chargers and cables, gimbals, and operating manuals. Not only does this keep each item fully protected, it provides visual confirmation that each component is present when preparing for or completing a shoot. Optional extras to complete the case include labels, decals and screen printing to offer easy identification of contents or ownership. The cases are also covered by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.
  • DigiBox distributes Telestream's range of desktop applications
    DigiBox is now distributing Telestream’s desktop solutions across Europe. The products include ScreenFlow for screencasting and video editing, Wirecast live streaming production software, Wirecast Gear live streaming production hardware, Switch media playback inspection and conversion tool and Flip4Mac Windows Media player for Mac.
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