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    MetFilm School is a leading film, television, and online media school offering undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses across various craft areas. The school has campuses in London and Berlin. Under the tuition of experienced, award-winning tutors, students learn how to become skilled screen creatives across a wide range of media. www.metfilmschool.ac.uk/find-a-course/
    CUTSCENE is an easy to use content recording, extraction and publishing tool for video content. From the original live content to the extraction and publishing on video sharing platforms with proper meta-data, CUTSCENE helps on all the steps. Using the content provider scheduling data and a smart user in- terface, it allows the user to quickly select the video clip in and out points with high accuracy. It can then concatenate several sequences and add an intro / outro at the edges of the generated clip. The publishing of the clip can be done on a file server or directly on the video sharing platforms
  • Calrec Brio 36

    Brio 36 Compact Broadcast Console

    • 36 x dual layer faders
    • 100mm faders, motorised, with PFL overpress
    • DSP - Freely configurable on the fly
    • DSP operates at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz
    • Full dynamics on every input channel and group path
    • 6 band EQ available on every Input Channel, Group, Aux and Main path
    • Calrec Hydra 2 Card allows for connection to any Calrec Hydra 2 audio network

    Brio's comprehensive broadcast feature set supports a wider breadth of broadcasters while retaining the same market-leading levels of quality and customer support which Calrec is renowned for.

    The smallest in Calrec's Bluefin2 family, Brio's control surface is unlike any other console. Available in two sizes; Brio 36 with a 36 fader dual-layer surface at 892mm wide and the Brio12 with a 12 fader dual-layer surface, both provide more faders in a given footprint than any other comparable audio console.

    Based on Calrec's 20 years of digital development, Brio's uncluttered, compact and configurable surface gives instant access to a large number of audio paths, whilst an intuitive 15.6" HD touchscreen UI provides quick access to more in-depth control. A bank of illuminating hardware rotary controls gives fast and precise control over parameters displayed in the touchscreen UI.

    Brio is a mixing console completely focused on the needs of broadcasters. This level of scalable and managed I/O, comprehensive monitoring, surround sound and high bus quantities provide a level of dedicated broadcast functionality that has never been available at this level.

    As the market calls for more and more audio mixes to support online content, smaller consoles that possess pure live broadcast features are increasingly desirable. Products in this sector have traditionally had basic capabilities and are not ideally suited to broadcast environments. Brio is the first application-specific alternative.

    As the market calls for more and more audio mixes to support online content, smaller consoles that possess pure live broadcast features are increasingly desirable. Products in this sector have traditionally had basic capabilities and are not ideally suited to broadcast environments. Brio is the first application-specific alternative.

    Brio's compact size means it is extremely portable and quick to install, making it ideal as a general purpose workhorse that can be used as and when needed, and its connectivity with other Hydra2-compatible equipment makes it even more versatile.

    Brio is entirely self-contained. Brio 36 even provides analogue and digital I/O, and GPIO, built into the surface. Additional expansion I/O slots are also fitted to allow for further I/O to be connected. A Hydra2 module can also be fitted to connect to and share audio over Calrec's Hydra2 network.

    This means Hydra2's sophisticated management facilities can be utilised for network-wide control, including interfacing with multiple IP networks. This protects the system against any future formats that may emerge and allows the console to sit on multiple networks simultaneously if desired.

    Find out more at www.synthax.co.uk
  • Cinedeck
    Cinedeck provides flexible and versatile multi-channel video recorders. Work on any project, regardless of how big or complex it is. Cinedeck allows greater control over video recording live events and multi-cam projects. We’ve developed cineXtools to redefine post workflows. We aim to eliminate complete show exports and QC sessions to make tiny fixes. cineXtools enables editors to make changes to shows not in hours or days, but in minutes. Directly edit the flat files with no exporting or QCing needed.
  • Cloud MAM
    Automation across content supply chain powered by Work Order
  • Cello
    High quality desktop audio interface
  • CLEAR Vision Cloud
    Intelligence or Wisdom. You Choose.
  • Compact Splice Tray (CST)
    LEMO's new 2U rack mounted Compact Splice Tray offers users the ability to quickly and easily install a space saving and robust HD video bulkhead interface solution without compromising performance. Each system accommodates up to 8 SMPTE 311M hybrid fibre (HD) camera cables/LEMO 3K.93C SMPTE 304M bulkhead connector interfaces ideal for mobile production and studio applications. By means of a portable automatic fusion splicer it can be field terminated, making it suitable for projects where application constraints prohibit use of pre-terminated camera cables.
  • Cubix
    Cubix is an “end to end”, multi-tenanted asset management, automation, and orchestration platform – designed to be modular, scalable and agile. It’s includes close integration with best of breed “on premise” devices as well as cloud services for storage, transcoding and more. Combined with its different portals for user access depending on their needs, and a modular architecture that allows elements to be ran locally, within the cloud or both - makes it a powerful solution for any media environment. The enterprise nature of Cubix means it can be quickly scaled up and down as projects / clients require, and the modular nature of the platform allows for new device types to be added without impacting on the existing system. Cubix can be deployed fully on site, fully in public cloud environments, or a mixture of both – allowing clients to leverage both local and cloud resources to their best advantage for both cost and speed. Cubix is already deployed in environments for distribution, post, playout, bulk ingest, dailies, DCP management, clip sales and archive. Cubix is fully AD integrated and multi-tenanted throughout, including the support for complete white labelling of the web portals which are shipped as standard in Cubix. This allows for staff or clients to sign on according to their existing login details, and have both access control and rights applied based on their Active Directory groups. The orchestration engines of Cubix allows for workows to be configured that are either entirely manual, fully automated – or a mixture of the two. These workflows can also be easily configured and adapted over time to match changing needs via the Taskflow Designer. This allows for the system to grow and adapt with our client’s needs – as well as providing high levels of transparency that allow bottlenecks and issues to be identified quickly and easily. Cubix by design is file and codec agnostic, understanding everything from simple image, audio and video formats through to complex reference files (OPAtom, DCP, DPX, image sequences) and ancillary files such as subtitles, PDFs, ISOs, etc. Cubix is designed, developed and maintained entirely by Ortana Media Group.
  • Cerebrum Monitoring and Control System
    Every team in broadcast understands how critical control is. To master multiple workflows you need to rely on complex systems, advanced technologies, and on each other. The pressure is relentless. We start by being open: designing a control and monitoring system that embraces everyone else’s. It connects to all the hardware and software which engineers already use. One dashboard, where nothing escapes your control. You have total oversight. We also designed it to be robust in the most complex organizations and scenarios – for mega teams and workflows, and global productions. That’s why it is built on a database system making it high performance in every situation. Big and complex, or small and simple. And we designed it to be easy for the layman, and advanced for the seasoned expert to be able to customize everything. Control, your way!
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