Press accreditation

BVE welcomes members of the global press to attend and report on the three-day event, giving the opportunity to report first-hand on new launches, unique content and the future of content creation and technology.

A BVE press pass will give you access to the entire event, including the dedicated press centre, which provides facilities to help you work efficiently and comfortably.

Our dedicated press team are on hand to help with any enquiries, including interview requests, spokespeople, images and video footage.   

BVE press accreditation is reserved for editorial team members, full-time freelancers, bloggers and photographers.

To register for a press accreditation please CLICK HERE

BVE 2019 Logos

To download the official BVE logos, please right click and press "save as". The bottom two logos have white copy and will show up clearly on coloured backgrounds. 
bve colour logo
bve mono logo
date and time logo
mono dates & logos
green blue logo
mono logo
bve white & green logo
white green date & logo

BVE Image Gallery

Download hi-res images from BVE
bve sign
bve seminar
bve event
speakers at bve
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Press Releases


For more press information please contact the BVE press office:

Email: bve@marlinpr.com