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  • Virtualisation
  • Video On Demand (VOD)
  • AV & Systems Integration
  • Audio
  • Broadcast
  • Cloud services
  • Connected Media
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Data
  • Digital Playout Services
  • Education
  • Internet TV
  • IP & Network Distribution
  • Live Production & Events
  • Media Asset Management
  • Mobile & Apps
  • OTT Services
  • Outside Broadcast
  • Post-Production & VFX
  • Search & Metadata
  • Telecommunication
  • Transmission & Playout service


x-dream-media, software integrator

x-dream-distribution, master distributor

x-service-portfolio: consulting // custom development // deployment // training // support services 

x-products: file browsing // ingest // feed recording // transcoding // audio/video-processing // post-production // remote-editing // outgest // PMS // MAM // PAM // workflow automation // metadata processing // job monitoring // newsroom // Video Journalist app // content license management // resource scheduling // playout planning // program playout // live encoding // stream+file delivery // CMS/CDN/DRM


partners @BVE

- Woody Technologies:

  • Woody in2it - ingest tool (Avid Interplay PAM, interoperability between Avid Interplay PAM/iNews + other MAMs)
  • Woody Ingest - automated ingest
  • Woody Outgest -from Avid Interplay I Production to CMS or archive systems
  • Woody Social - ingest social content
  • Woody Check-in - connect transcoder with Avid Interplay

partners @BVE

- Capella Systems:

  • Cambria FTC - file transcoding
  • Cambria Cluster – transcoding farm
  • Cambria Live - live transcoding
  • Cambria Broadcast Manager – scheduled playout
  • Cambria Live Studio - software based control room

partners @BVE

- Atende Software: 

  • redGalaxy CDN
  • redGalaxy Portal
  • redGalaxy Coder
  • redGalaxy Storage
  • redGalaxy DRM
  • redGalaxy Player

partners @BVE

- Flow Works:

  • Media asset management with workflow support
  • Flow Device & Workflow Manager
  • Flow ANT - the MAM in the box to go
  • Production Asset Management
  • Flow2Flow to build distributed networks


products @BVE

  • Flow Works: Media asset management with workflow support,
  • MXF Server: editing storage management and PAM, freedom of choice for editing software & storage systems
  • WFM: workflow orchestrator and automation for file base production and delivery
  • OneGUI: Multi tenant & multi vendor transcoding & workflow job monitoring tool incl. user interaction
  • SERVUS: Software based video server for feed & multi-cam recording, program playout incl. graphic overlay
  • Teamium: resource and team scheduling


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  • x-dream-distribution portfolio
    x-dream-distribution is focused on innovative software products for the media industry. This requires a solid knowledge of project requirements and a good overview of product features, strenght and weaknesses. Our product portfolio covers desktop tools and server software for ingest, transcoding, editing, post-production, workflow management, asset management, news production and cross-media publishing as well as ressource and rundown/publishing scheduling.
  • x-dream-distribution end2end solutions
    Throughout our experience, projects and close partnerships with industry experts we form our end-2-end solutions. By end-2-end we mean a complete software based workflow, for example from camera ingest to playout or from upload to end user presentation. Alternatively dedicated solutions are concentrating on part of the business process more extensively. For example ingest, processing, workflow automation, post-production, B2B file contribution, playout, archiving, end user delivery and presentation, … We show you some use cases in the following. These cases shall allow you to get an idea of what our team of experts is capable of realizing. As in every contact with x-dream.clients, we treat your need individually. We love sitting down with you to understand your current situation, needs and plans for your future ecosystem. We will develop an individual tailored solution together with you. For sure we will make use of our experience as well as strong product and solution portfolio. end2end solutions: • Master Ingest (incl. social media) • Post-Production & Publishing • News Production & Publishing • Content Aggregation & Publishing
  • x-dream-media portfolio
    x-dream-media is an European-wide acting software integrator with an entire commitment to the media IT. We are specialists for file based workflows and asset management. Our service portfolio spans from consulting via deployment, training and support services to custom development. Based on our long term experience we are building productized solutions to address the typical needs of our customers. Amongst our customer are production facilities, broadcaster and content delivery companies. In typical projects we are ingesting files and metadata into production, asset or news room systems, are connecting so far isolated production islands or are sending asset packagers into the distribution chain. On a lower level we are processing or repairing media files.
  • x-dream-media developments
    x-dream-media in house experts developed various products. Manly workflow automation, connectors and plug-ins support customers in their work and optimise their processes. SERVUS node– (latin “Slave”) is a software-only videoserver // INGEST BROWSER AND STICHER allows previewing professional video files within a web browser.MULTI-FORMAT PLAYER is a free and widely applicable tool in file-based environments. // ONE GUI is a generic monitoring AddOn to nearly every job-based media processing software in file-based production and publishing. // x-dream-media’s Workflow Solution Special OEM edition of Signiant’s Manager + Agents. // WORKFLOW COMPONETS: Signiant Akamai component, Signiant Alcatel Lucent cDVR Component, Signiant AVGScan Component, Signiant Avid Interplay PAM Component, Signiant Capella Systems Cambria FTC Component, Signiant Cube-Tec MXF Legalizer Component, Signiant Dalet/Amberfin iCR Component, Signiant Kaltura Back-End for VOD Component, Signiant Minnetonka Audio Tools Server Component, Signiant MXF re-wrapper Component, Signiant Snell Alchemist OD Component, Signiant Vidchecker Component, Signiant WFS Component Standard, Signiant WFS Component PRO, WFS EDL PRO // TRANSCODER PLUG-Ins: Harmonic (Rhozet) Carbon Importer PlugIn, Harmonic (Rhozet) Carbon FFMPEG Exporter PlugIn, Harmonic (Rhozet) Carbon AVISynth Video Filter PlugIn, Harmonic (Rhozet) Carbon WFS WebGUI AddOn, Capella Systems x265/HEVC codec PlugIn
  • Woody Technologies - Woody in2it
    Woody in2it - index and manage multi-format files. This intelligent ingest tool has an intuitive user interface for all users, journalists, editors and technicians. It can treat any source format, any target and 4K workflows. It allows you to select and index content before the ingest. in2it is integrated with most PAMs and MAMs on the market, like Avid® MediaCentral, Dalet Galaxy, Cantemo Portal… Woody in2it saves your time, optimizes storage usage and gives users full autonomy for all ingest operations, in a unified user interface.
  • Woody Technologies - Woody Ingest
    Woody Ingest - automate and simplify your ingest with our unique processing tool. Woody Ingest allows automated ingest for all media formats with smart transcoding and rewraping logic. It is integrated with most PAMs and MAMs on the market. You can configure dynamic organization rules for PAM and MAM integration. This tool is easy to deploy and operate. Woody Ingest provides centralized management for all your automatic media and metadata workflows.
  • Woody Technologies - Woody Outgest
    Woody Outgest - automate and control your transfers from Avid® Interplay | Production. The transfer management is centralized to playout, archive or web. You have direct control over Interplay’s transcoding features. Woody Outgest allows backup and transfer of metadata, it works with Cloud delivery (AWS, Azure) and transfer acceleration (Aspera and FileCatalyst). API is configured for external control and monitoring. Woody Outgest is the efficient and cost effective solution to handle all your transfers.
  • Capella - Cambria File Convert
    Capella File Convert a flexible transcoding software solution that converts video files between formats for editing, archiving, and broadcasting and allows you to produce high-quality media files suitable for broadcast, IPTV, Web, and mobile applications. Cambria File Convert yields the best H.264 and MPEG-2 output file quality. It can also perform additional video processing such as frame-rate conversion and video size conversion.
  • Capella - Cambria LIVE
    Cambria Live is a software-based system that encodes live broadcasts in real time and uploads them to popular streaming servers such as Adobe Flash Media Server, Wowza Media Server, YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Ustream. Cambria Live takes uncompressed broadcast video directly from a camera via SDI or HDMI and compresses it into the H.264 format with AAC audio, ensuring optimal video and audio quality. Audio level control Lip-sync delay adjustment Real-time text insertion Playlists Real-time layer insertion Failover source setting Twitter notification Cambria Live Scheduler Multi-view virtual multi-camera Instant highlight re-import Retry setting Capture separate audio source Cambria Live Edit Scrolling text Import multiple video file formats Ustream uploader Facbook integration YouTube integration Wowza Server upload Adobe Media Flash Server upload File recording
  • AtendeSoftware - redGalaxy CDN
    redGalaxy CDN is a distributed content delivery network, designed for large scale streaming of live & VOD content. redGalaxy CDN provides outstanding features, not available in classic origin/CDN deployments: on-demand image scaling and cropping, video buffer for seamless timeshi¬ft and catch-up, on-the-fly content packaging and encryption. redGalaxy CDN supports live & VOD streaming using MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming and HLS protocols. It allows to deliver highest quality content to vast majority of end-user devices, including web, mobile devices and connected TVs. Available in both on-premise and PaaS models.
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