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Since 2012, VoxXpress has been bringing together exceptional voice talent and clients such as video producers in a safe and transparent environment.

Our unique technology allows users to find the voiceover performance they are looking for and to get an upfront price before they book.

All our artists have approved studio setups and let us know when they are available so you can book knowing the quality of the recording will be tiptop and when they can record.

Our system sets up a conference call so you, and your client can dial in while your artist records the script. You and your client can feedback on pronouciation and internation as they are recording. Then the high quality file is uploaded to the site for you to download and use in yout production.

There's no need to travel to an expensive studio saving you time and money.


6 Newmans Court
United Kingdom


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  • Pete E (voice over artist)
    With 20 years experience, Pete's prolific voice work includes TV Commercials, Radio Drama, Corporate (Presentation, E-learning, On-Hold), Narration, Documentary, Impressions, Audio Books and Museum recordings. Pete's voice has variously been described as Warm, Reassuring, Versatile, Engaging, Compelling, Resonant, Intelligent, Natural & Friendly. It's been said his narrations inspire a measure of confidence and trust in the listener straight away. Frequently used accents are Cheshire, RP, Liverpool, Manchester, South Wales & London - but Pete can also do a multitude of other accents/characters and is a gifted impressionist - just ask! As an actor Pete has worked extensively in Television and Film, most notably as the regular character of Peter in the comedy series "Hotel Getaway". He's also appeared in several plays, has performed stand-up in London and featured in TV Commercials across the globe. Click here for more.
  • Adam J (voice over artist)
    Hi, I'm Adam! My voice is warm and engaging; conversational, with depth needed to get your message across. I've proudly worked for clients from across the globe. I provide voice overs for commercials, corporate videos, web videos, video games, audiobooks, apps and more. My voice is perfect for a persuasive read and suits all sorts of styles of script. I work from within my Wimbledon home studio in London and, as a professional British male voice over artist, my goal is to provide the voice that will engage your audience, present a clear message and stick in their head. As expected of a professional voice over, I take each project very seriously and work hard to make sure it’s exactly how you’d like it to sound. Click here for more.
  • Natalie C (voice over artist)
    Natalie has a natural and conversational style. Easy-going with a warm and engaging voice, her light touch and bright, neutral tones make fast work of corporate or wordy scripts. Easy and fun to direct, with great availability. Corporate narrations, radio and tv commercials, station imaging, and telephone messaging are specialities. Click here for more.
  • Piers G (voice over artist)
    Piers got voted Best Male Voiceover at Vox Piers's voice is often heard on television documentaries and commercials. With his background in acting for The English Shakespeare Company and a regular slot hosting stand up Comedy Nights Piers is a natural performer who can make a script come alive His education and accent make him perfect for corporate videos and elearning and he has been the voice of many educational, medical and corporate videos, audioguides and presentations. Click here for more.
  • Sara M (voice over artist)
    BT Speaking Clock! Sara's warm, rich, tones are known worldwide and corporate and documentary narration is her forté. Recognizable as a BBC voice, including Horizon, her narration and commercial experience is far reaching. An incredible range, whilst Sara is an obvious choice for projects requiring a warm, informative and trustworthy voice, her character voices and accents are exceptional and it's often questioned if they all come from the same person! Click here for more.
  • Voicefairy.com voice over search engine.
    VoxXpress presents it's next generation of voice over search technology making it quick easier and more convent to find the voice over performance you're after. Click here for more.
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