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  • Display, Presentation & Projection Systems
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  • Post Production & VFX


  • Europe’s leading independent specialist in the photographic and digital markets boasting over 30 year experience
  • A range of internationally renowned brands from leading manufacturers in the industry
  • An impressive range of colour management and digital imaging products
  • Free technical support and expert advice from our Technical Support Experts


Spectrum Point
164 Clapgate Lane
B32 3DE
United Kingdom


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  • Total Balance
    The Color Confidence Total Balance offers all the benefits of a grey card in a convenient and durable foldaway package, ideal for photographers or videographers on location. A double-sided grey and white flexible reference, this versatile solution provides an 18% grey neutral background for light meter readings, ensuring consistent and accurately balanced image capture in all lighting conditions. The Total Balance’s ‘Point and Shoot’ function also colour corrects for more accurate colour replication, allowing you to concentrate on image composition and capturing the shot you want, instead of being concerned with technical issues – ideal when working under pressure. Unlike traditional grey cards which can be easily damaged, the Color Confidence Total Balance is virtually indestructible, and folds down into a compact, portable case.
  • 27" Monitor Bag
    The Color Confidence Monitor bag has been designed specifically to transport a monitor between 24” - 27” easily and securely. The sturdy bag is made from woven polyester with a rigid, heavy duty base, and includes both hand and shoulder carry straps. The Monitor bag includes three internal padded pockets which can be used to store cables and accessories and Velcro fixings to secure the monitor in place during transportation. For maximum protection the Color Confidence Monitor bag has 10mm of high density padding and 5mm of low density padding as well. The Color Confidence Monitor bag is ideal for anybody that needs to transport their monitor safely and securely.
  • Colour Workflow Day
    The Colour Confidence ‘ColourDay Photo’ training package is a great way to learn how to get the very best out of ColorMunki Photo, gain face-to-face expert technical advice on every aspect of your workflow and is a chance to obtain personal expert advice on all things colour. ColorMunki Photo is the all-in-one colour management solution that allows you to create, capture, calibrate and communicate colour. The ‘ColourDay Photo’ day will teach you how to get the very best out of this award-winning device and is yours to keep at the end of the session. The ‘ColourDay Photo’ training day will take place on-site at your place of business and consists of the following set modules: Configuration and explanation of graphics applications colour settings Configuration and explanation of printer driver colour settings ColorMunki training – profile creation, colour selection & creative utilities Full review of your colour workflow An explanation of optimum monitor and viewing conditions
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