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Touchstream is a cloud based operations analytics solution monitoring live streams across all media formats and devices.  We deliver granular information about every format, every minute of the day using live dashboards to help clients identify and immediately respond to delivery issues before they become viewers' issues.

Brenton Ough, CEO and Co-Founder of Touchstream:

Touchstream helps our customers deliver an optimal viewing experience with our comprehensive live stream monitoring service — down to every bitrate, all of the time.”    

Unlike in-player monitoring tools Touchstream's active monitoring tests live streams even when no one is watching ensuring everything will performs expected.  When issues are detected Touchstream sends early warning alerts to our customer’s streaming team giving them opportunity to fix problems before they become viewer issues.   Since Touchstream is a cloud-based service it can be up and running usually within a few hours.  Nothing to install and no code changes.  “We monitor from our own high quality, predictable, high-speed Point-of-Presence (PoPs) on the Internet to provide actionable alerts on issues that are within our customers’ control” says Brenton.

Touchstream has also built a direct integration to the leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers including Akamai, sharing relevant critical monitoring data.   Sky’s OTT Manager states:

“We are pleased the CDNs are using Touchstream.  It has significantly improved the incident resolution time as both teams are looking at the same information which is improving our relationship with the CDNs”.

The biggest pain point is when issues do arise, the root cause needs to be identified and fixed - quickly.  Touchstream addresses this by delivering detailed information about the problem in a simple to navigate interface.  That’s another reason why Touchstream was featured in the CIO Review of the "Top 20 CDN Solution Providers" and in December 2016 was CIO’s "Company of the Month".  



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