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Synthax Audio is the exclusive UK distributor for Calrec Brio, RME, Ferrofish, and Appsys Pro Audio, all of which will be featured at BVE 2019.

The Calrec Brio is the most powerful and compact digital broadcast audio console in its class and boasts an impressive broadcast feature set.

The Brio36 is 892mm wide with a 36 dual-layer fader surface, while Brio12 is only 484mm with standard trims, and just 430mm with Calrec’s slim trim option. Additional expansion I/O slots are fitted, while the Brio36 also has I/O built directly into the rear of the console.

With lots of delay resource, dynamics, integrated talkback, and multiple monitor outputs, Brio is broadcast-ready with no compromise or workarounds.

Other solutions on show include the new RME M-32 Pro 32-channel AD and DA converters with MADI and AVB, and the RME Digiface Dante and Digiface AVB, both of which offer 256 network audio channels. You will also be able to check out the acclaimed RME ADI-2 Pro and Fireface UFX+.

We will also be showing the Ferrofish A32 Dante, which gives you 32 channels of AD and DA DANTE, MADI and ADAT conversion. And finally, the Appsys Pro Audio Multiverter, a multi-format digital bridge and converter with 64 I/O and support for Dante/AES67, MADI, AES50, ADAT and more.

Stop by stand C21 for a chat and to see the Calrec Brio and our comprehensive range of network audio solutions.



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  • Calrec Brio 36

    Brio 36 Compact Broadcast Console

    • 36 x dual layer faders
    • 100mm faders, motorised, with PFL overpress
    • DSP - Freely configurable on the fly
    • DSP operates at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz
    • Full dynamics on every input channel and group path
    • 6 band EQ available on every Input Channel, Group, Aux and Main path
    • Calrec Hydra 2 Card allows for connection to any Calrec Hydra 2 audio network

    Brio's comprehensive broadcast feature set supports a wider breadth of broadcasters while retaining the same market-leading levels of quality and customer support which Calrec is renowned for.

    The smallest in Calrec's Bluefin2 family, Brio's control surface is unlike any other console. Available in two sizes; Brio 36 with a 36 fader dual-layer surface at 892mm wide and the Brio12 with a 12 fader dual-layer surface, both provide more faders in a given footprint than any other comparable audio console.

    Based on Calrec's 20 years of digital development, Brio's uncluttered, compact and configurable surface gives instant access to a large number of audio paths, whilst an intuitive 15.6" HD touchscreen UI provides quick access to more in-depth control. A bank of illuminating hardware rotary controls gives fast and precise control over parameters displayed in the touchscreen UI.

    Brio is a mixing console completely focused on the needs of broadcasters. This level of scalable and managed I/O, comprehensive monitoring, surround sound and high bus quantities provide a level of dedicated broadcast functionality that has never been available at this level.

    As the market calls for more and more audio mixes to support online content, smaller consoles that possess pure live broadcast features are increasingly desirable. Products in this sector have traditionally had basic capabilities and are not ideally suited to broadcast environments. Brio is the first application-specific alternative.

    As the market calls for more and more audio mixes to support online content, smaller consoles that possess pure live broadcast features are increasingly desirable. Products in this sector have traditionally had basic capabilities and are not ideally suited to broadcast environments. Brio is the first application-specific alternative.

    Brio's compact size means it is extremely portable and quick to install, making it ideal as a general purpose workhorse that can be used as and when needed, and its connectivity with other Hydra2-compatible equipment makes it even more versatile.

    Brio is entirely self-contained. Brio 36 even provides analogue and digital I/O, and GPIO, built into the surface. Additional expansion I/O slots are also fitted to allow for further I/O to be connected. A Hydra2 module can also be fitted to connect to and share audio over Calrec's Hydra2 network.

    This means Hydra2's sophisticated management facilities can be utilised for network-wide control, including interfacing with multiple IP networks. This protects the system against any future formats that may emerge and allows the console to sit on multiple networks simultaneously if desired.

    Find out more at www.synthax.co.uk
  • RME M-32 AD Pro & M-32 DA Pro

    Professional 32-channel AD and DA converters with MADI and AVB

    • 32 x Analogue In/Out (25-pin D-sub, up to +24 dBu)
    • 2 x MADI I/O (separate optical SC and coaxial BNC, up to 128 Ch.)
    • 1x RJ45 1 GigE AVB, four streams with 4/8/12/16 Ch. each
    • (optional) MIDI I/O for legacy MIDI Remote Word Clock I/O (BNC)
    • USB 2.0 (for remote control)
    • 2 x monitored fully redundant internal PSUs

    2010 saw the launch of the original M-32 AD and DA which quickly became the industry standard thanks to their high quality, reliability and channel count. Since then, not only the converter technology but also the requirements of pro audio users have evolved in all kinds of areas - broadcast, professional studios, immersive sound installations, live sound systems and even applications in the industrial sector. RME's response to this development is the new M-32 DA Pro and M-32 AD Pro.

    Solutions for modern productions
    Redundant power supplies, more compact housings, network functionality were just some of the requests from RME customers for a revised 32-channel converter series. With the new M-32 DA Pro and M-32 AD Pro, RME meets the diverse requirements of current productions and installations.

    Reference in analogue and digital
    Based on state-of-the-art, high-resolution converter components and a fully balanced analogue circuit design, the new M series offers a signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB(A) with extremely low THD values, which places the converters in the reference class.

    Linear and transparent
    Each of the 32 channels enables AD/DA conversion with up to 192 kHz sampling frequency. The internal filters are based on the recently introduced ADI-2 Pro reference converter and allow a completely linear frequency response (up to 0 Hz at the output).

    AVB - The future of network signal transmission
    In addition to the two fully equipped MADI I/Os including separate signal routing, the new M-32 DA Pro and M-32 AD Pro feature an AVB interface based on the open network standards IEEE 802.1 and 1722.1, enabling transmission of the 32 analogue channels at a maximum 192 kHz sampling rate via a single Ethernet cable. Combined with external AVB switches, the new M-Series converters can be quickly, easily and reliably integrated into more complex network structures thanks to the comprehensive time-synchronous signal processing of the AVB protocol.

    Find out more at www.synthax.co.uk
  • RME Digiface Dante

    Bus-Powered Dante and MADI Audio Interface

    • 258 Channels: 128 in / 128 out (+ 1x Phones)
    • 64 Channels Dante
    • 64 Channels MADI
    • 1 x Headphone Output
    • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet (802.3 compliant)
    • 1 x MADI I/O (coaxial)
    • Wordclock I/0
    • USB 3.0
    • Bus-powered
    • TotalMix FX

    The new bus powered RME Digiface Dante enables the transmission of up to 64 Dante channels and 64 MADI channels via a single USB 3.0 connection.

    The Dante Audio-over-IP protocol was developed by the Australian company Audinate and enables uncompressed transmission of digital audio signals with low latency over long distances. The RME Digiface Dante USB 3.0/Dante interface offers a compact and lightweight solution for mobile Dante users.

    Dante & MADI
    With the integration of RME's renowned Mac and Windows MADI drivers, the Digiface Dante allows users to seamlessly run up to 64 MADI I/O channels via USB 3.0 in addition to the 64 Dante channels. For this purpose, the BNC connectors, normally used for word clock, would be switched to MADI I/O.

    The full complement of 128 channels are fully controllable using the included Dante control software and the DSP-based RME TotalMix FX mixer with its comprehensive routing and monitoring options.

    The Digiface Dante has two multifunctional banks of redundant network ports that can be used as inputs and outputs, as network switches and for redundant operation with primary and secondary networks in case of increased security requirements. The Digiface Dante can also be used as a mobile standalone 64-channel Dante/MADI converter.

    In addition to the USB 3.0 port, Dante network ports, word clock I/O ports and power supply connector, the Digiface Dante has a high-quality headphone monitor output that can be used as a line output to transmit an optional analogue stereo mix.

    Find out more at www.synthax.co.uk
  • Ferrofish A32 Dante

    Ferrofish A32 AD/DA - DANTE, MADI & ADAT Converter

    • 32 balanced inputs, 32kHz - 192kHz
    • 32 balanced outputs, 32kHz -192kHz
    • 64 Dante Inputs / 64 Dante Outputs
    • MADI optical and coaxial
    • 4x ADAT TOSLINK inputs
    • 4x ADAT TOSLINK outputs
    • S/MUX up to 192kHz
    • MIDI I/O (with MIDI over MADI)
    • BNC Wordclock
    • Redundant Power Inlets
    • 4x TFT Screens control levels & settings
    • All 64 analogue channels visible simultaneously
    • Extensive routing/mixing possibilities

    Ferrofish A32 - READY FOR DANTE
    The Ferrofish A32 Dante Version is the latest AD/DA converter from Ferrofish. Builiding on the success of the Ferrofish A32, the Ferrofish A32 Dante has an additional interface with 64 digital inputs and 64 digital outputs, which can be easily integrated into existing Dante networks.

    Alternatively, with an interconnection of two A32 Dantes, a live recording on the computer of up to 64 channels is possible at any time. In this case, a separate sound card (such as, for example, when using the ADAT or MADI ports) is not necessary. With its intuitive operating concept and redundancy options, plus multiple submix and routing possibilities, the Ferrofish A32 Dante is the perfect addition to any Dante interconnected system.

    The A32 Dante also features MADI I/O. Up to 64 channels can be transferred using a simple pair of glass fiber cables (or coaxial cable) spanning a distance of up to 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). Besides MADI, the A32 Dante also offers full ADAT integration.

    Four fully-fledged ADAT I/O ports allow use of all 64 analogue channels, even without MADI. Thanks to the MIDI over MADI feature, the A32 Dante can also be remote controlled using MIDI data embedded in the same MADI cable. The audio transfer between the MADI input and MADI output is done with zero latency!

    We know you need a reliable system. Thats why we have two power inputs. If one power supply fails, you see a warning on the TFT screens, and you can search for the failure while the A32 Dante still works with the other supply.

    MADI is also laid out redundant: If you connect both optical and coax, the input automatically switches to the other source if sync is lost.

    High-quality converter chips with excellent audio performance are supported by a sophisticated analogue amplifier circuit.

    The high-quality analogue circuit is partnered on the digital side with a Sharc DSP. This processor takes great care of the digital audio with its floating point arithmetic and 80-bit wide accumulator so that on the digital side, no bits are lost!

    The new visual control concept of the A32 Dante embarks on a new path: Besides the precise level meters of all 64 analogue channels, the four TFT displays offer a very new, self-explanatory method of operation – it's unlikely you will ever need the manual!

    You don't need to install a program to have the ability to see the levels and adjust everything. Just take a look on the A32 Dante, and you can see what's happening at any time, with all channels clearly visible on the high-resolution level meters.

    Find out more at www.synthax.co.uk
  • Appsys ProAudio Multiverter

    Multi-format digital audio bridge & converter

    • 64 in, 64 out digital audio format converter
    • Convert between different audio formats
    • With support for ADAT, MADI, AES50, Dante/AES67 and more.
    • Intuitive user interface and routing matrix
    • Headphone output for individual channel monitoring
    • Store and Recall up to 12 presets

    Why choose between digital interfaces when you can have them all?

    Introducing the brand new Multiverter, the swiss-army-knife for all your digital audio needs. This unique piece of hardware is able to convert 64 x 64 audio channels between an impressive selection of digital formats - any to any, all at once.

    Supported Audio Interfaces
    • ADAT (8x), SPDIF optical
    • MADI optical
    • MADI coaxial
    • MADI-TP
    • AES50
    • Dante/AES67
    • and many more via breakout boxes (currently planned: AES3, AVB)

    Clocking Options
    • Supports 32, 44.1, 48... up to 192* kHz operation
    • Wordclock input and output (BNC)
    • Clock master can be any incoming audio signal, or BNC, or a high-quality internal clock
    • MADI 96k Frame and S/MUX operation supported

    Remote Control Interfaces
    • MIDI
    • MIDI over MADI
    • USB
    • RS485 (Yamaha Headamp Remote compatible)
    • AES50 Aux Data Channel (Behringer S16 compatible)
    • Network socket

    Find out more at www.synthax.co.uk
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