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The Air Squib™, is a pneumatic squib or air powered bullet hit blood effect that is mainly used for film, television or theatre productions to create the illusion of an actor being hit by a bullet. It is intended to be used behind clothing - and will not work on bare skin.

The Air Squib™ consists of three parts - the radio control transmitter, the portable, radio-controlled air ejector - hidden on the belt, or similar, and the special nozzle - placed on the inside of the shirt, where you want the  bloody hit to appear. The nozzles are very durable and made from Macrolone, often used in bullet-resistant windows! They may be re-used hundreds of times and will look just like a blood squib effect.

The result looks very convincing and is suitable for theatre, film and television. To date, several hundred units are in use around the world - USA, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Great Britain, Russia, Japan, The Philliphines, Switzerland, Norway and many more.

We have also built special versions of the air squib not aimed for the entertainment industry - from NATO-applications, for special forces and realistic medical training of soldiers practicing life-saving skills in battle conditions, as well as gravity-fired versions for magicians wanting the "hit" to fire as they raise a hand or arm. If you can dream it - we can probably build it!


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1 Results
  • Head shot

    01 Jan 2018
    A bloody bullet hit effect with stage blood ejected onto a wall behind an actress.
  • Dust hit in bodyguard

    01 Jan 2018 | Olov Nylander
    Backlit dust hit shows how to use the air squib in low light conditions
  • Air squib examples

    31 Dec 2017 | Olov Nylander
    Advantages with the air squib system and a few examples on how the "hits" look.
  • Air Squib 1

    31 Dec 2017 | Olov Nylander
    Super-fast video showing transmitter, receiver and how to rig nozzle on actor for a bloody hit.
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1 Results
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