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Trigger has been built to handle all your audio playback requirements. Whether it be for television, radio or theatre production. Trigger’s feature-set far outstrips that of any comparable software, with facilities such as programmable musical coda tags, easy set-up of three-way loops and a track rehearsal window. It also introduces static and dynamic volume curves. No longer will you be continuously opening third party software to perform tasks, pretty much everything is achievable in the Trigger environment. Whilst Trigger uses either .wav or .aiff as native audio files, many other formats can be easily imported directly into a Trigger project including .mp3 and .m4a. All this helps to improve your workflow. Together with an unlimited channel count (5.1 and upwards) at no extra cost and multi-platform capability, Trigger is the playback system of the future!


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Chalfont St Giles
United Kingdom


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  • Trigger! Audio Playback for Broadcast and Live Peformance
    Available for both mac or pc, Trigger is structured to handle all your audio playback requirements whether it be for television, radio or theatre production or corporate presentation. Trigger brings an unparalleled selection of features together with rock solid reliability into your armoury! Trigger's user interface is both fast and intuitive, allowing for a much more efficient workflow. No longer will you find yourself needing third party software to carry out certain tasks, pretty much everything is achievable within the Trigger environment, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently. With a virtually unlimited audio channel count, Trigger’s feature set far outstrips that of comparable software. Easily import multiple file formats, including m4a, quickly configure musically perfect coda tags, easily set-up three-way loops, apply static and dynamic volume curves, and assign multiple in-points for any given track. All this and video playback too!
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