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Prolight Direct, the Film and TV professional lighting supplier, selling with expert advice from experienced lighting professionals.

We supply the best brands in professional Film and TV lighting equipment at competitive prices. Our products are from Aladdin, Sumolight, Light and Motion, Kino Flo, Dedolight, ARRI, and Senna Lighting.

Aladdin are one of the most innovative lighting manufacturers in the world. They produce beautifully crafted lighting fixtures with unsurpassed colour quality. From the Bicolour Flex Lite to the Eye Lite nothing compares.

SUMOLIGHT presents SUMOSPACE, the next evolution of the SUMOLIGHT system. Building on our years of experience with the SUMO100, the SUMOSPACE incorporates the suggestions, comments and criticisms of gaffers and Directors of Photography the world over. You asked for a bi-colour fixture with the output of a 6k spacelight and the power consumption of an LED, for vibrant colour rendition that needs no adjustment or filtering, for entirely passive cooling without fans, for interchangeable optics, and for a light and durable construction under 5.5 kg

Light and Motion Stella - The Perfect Camera Lights. Stella lights are the most powerful, compact & rugged lights. Rechargeable. Up to 12 hours runtime. Waterproof. FL-1 Standard Certified. Experience the speed and freedom of cable-free lighting - redefine what it means to 'run & gun" & untether your scene with perfect lighting.

Kino Flo Lighting Systems have introduced their new LED range of location lighting systems with great features such as Tuneable Kelvin 2500K-9900K , Dimming without colour shift,  Green/Magenta control,  Dial in any colour through Hue Angle and Saturation control,  Kino Flo pre-sets and Gel pre-sets,  Individual Red, Green, Blue (RGB) control,  Manual and DMX dimming w/ Auto Terminate,  DMX wireless link (Lumen Radio),

Dedolight provide a comprehensive lighting system offering unique advantages to lighting professionals in many disciplines. The unique control capabilities of Dedolight, along with its low projected heat and minimal current draw, extensive range of luminaries and system accessories make the Dedolight the ideal choice.

Senna Lighting the Senna Light Wall  is a powerful luminaire with an amazing strength of up to 75000  LUX (depending on the beam angle you choose). It is composed of 20 LED panels, all controlled wirelessly with control plate or an application for your smart phone, which enables you to set the lights quickly and easily. In addition to 10 special effect templates (fire, candle lights, thunder lights, TV, police lights…), the system allows you to make your own pre-sets of light and store playlists of pre-sets. Fading between light scenes in reply is adjustable. The Wall runs on mains power or 8 V-mount batteries, so it can be used outdoors as well. You can choose between bicolour or daylight wall.

ARRI's extensive range of lighting products offers an abundance of creative lighting solutions. ARRI lights are put to use across the world on feature film and TV productions, in TV studios and at major sporting events. ARRI’s versatile products meet the diverse needs of the lighting profession for projects of any size and in situations where the highest light output is required. Proven by decades of use on location and in the studio to perform reliably in all weather and climate conditions, ARRI lights are designed and built by professionals for professionals.

Lighting design for studio applications

Prolight Direct offer advice or a full detailed planning and installation service - we assume responsibility for the success of the project and work hard to provide the best solution within the budget. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and offer our advice and planning based on real experience and knowledge.

Professional lighting for high speed filming

Prolight Direct offer the latest state of the art technology for high speed filming from the large HMI and tungsten lights to a new range of lights are incredibly efficient in both financial terms and light output for energy consumed.

For example, we have products that will produce 150,000 watts of light output yet only draw 30amps and produce almost no heat. We also have fixtures that will survive G force of up to 500Gs, ideal for crash testing, or explosions.




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