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Media Asset Management System medialoopster enables a very simple and effective management of your video assets during the production process. medialoopster simplifies and accelerates the way to gather, find, share and archive digital video content. For all companies that create or manage a large volume of video content medialoopster helps teams organise, communicate and collaborate.

By using AI technologies, medialoopster offers powerful ways to optimizes and automate your production processes, saving time, money and resources. medialoopster was developed by nachtblau, a full-service partner for planning, development and implementation media storage, video editing and MAM systems.


nachtblau GmbH
Strassenbahnring 18


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    medialoopster keyfeatures are: * ARCHITECTURE* --> Platform independence and scalability through container architecture (Docker). --> Multi-client capability, e.g. for managing different material pools within a medialoopster installation. --> Multisite capable, e.g. for cross-location work. --> Quick and easy integration into existing production environment. --> Certified for Quantum Xcellis DAE. --> Memory-independent, since any file system running under Linux is supported. --> Easy integration of third-party systems via open interfaces (REST-API and XML). *OPERATION* --> Easy to use HTML5 browser interface (image 1). --> HTML5 rough cut editor (image 2). Configurable search engine. *METADATA* --> Special metadata model for granular segmentation of video content. --> Time-related mapping of rights and license information. --> Inheritance and traceability of metadata (genealogy). --> Flexible import and export of metadata through XML processor. *WORKFLOW* --> Housekeeping and archiving functions. --> Hires management workflows for cross-location work. --> Connection of external AI services. --> Connection to LTO archive systems such as Archiware P5 or IBM LTFS. --> Editing system integration for Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Studio and Avid Media Composer. --> Research, import and export panel for Adobe Premiere Pro (image 3). --> Connection to linear ingest systems 'medialoopster' is a media asset management solution that implements production processes more efficiently, faster and also more cost effectively. medialoopster enables a more effective management of moving images during the production process. Moreover, it is also a highly sustainable solution as these images can potentially be re-used. All work processes are optimally supported, from material collection, research and processing in the editing system to distribution and archiving all the way to the search for available assets and their re-use. By means of an intelligent metadata system even the smallest of image units – shots – can be found in video material in an extremely efficient and uncomplicated way. Additionally, various add-on modules are available to customize individual workflows. medialoopster optimizes the media workflow and automates procedures in the production process including import, transcoding, file transfer and archiving. By using AI technologies, medialoopster offers powerful ways to optimizes and automate your production processes, saving time, money and resources.
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