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Mobile Viewpoint is an innovative company that develops IP solutions for both the media and security industry. Mobile Viewpoint has a proven track record in developing custom solutions for major broadcasters and governmental organizations worldwide.



Keesomstraat 10e
Keesomstraat 10e
1821 BS Alkmaar
Noord- Holland
1821 BS


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  • VPilot, Intelligent, Unmanned, Low cost Live Video Production
    The automated studio products enables broadcasters to make completely automated news productions without the need of a cameraman or director. A set of 3 controlled camera’s, a switcher and graphics engine controlled by MVP’s Virtual Director software will create a vivid and accurate capture of video production. VPilot is a fully-automated software solution based on AI algorithms that automatically switches and controls PTZ cameras, plays graphics and stored content by analyzing 3D video images and audio signals from the TV studio. Automated Studio mimics a real director, leaving the presenters to do what they are good at, which is making a live broadcast.
  • IQ Sports Producer, Intelligent, Low cost Live Production and Streaming of Field Sports with just one camera!
    The IQ Sports Producer makes live and on demand web broadcasting available without the hassle of setting up multiple cameras and hiring a camera crew. The system provides an automated video broadcast production with a one 180 degrees camera installation. The superb de-warping and stitching technology provides a natural looking corrected image with straight line markings. With this technology cost effective cameras can be used for complete coverage of the playing field. A pan and zoomed image is automatic created by special developed game tracking technology. With extra features such as live streaming, game replay generator, commentary and scoreboard options the IQ Sports Producer enable clubs to capture, stream and re-publish their field games easy and cost effective.
  • WMT Airlink, the thinnest H.265 encoder with 2 camera inputs
    The Airlink is our new wearable rugged transmitter that encodes video at H.265/HEVC and bonds 8 combined 3G/4G connections for high quality live streaming using Mobile Viewpoint award winning bonding technology. H.265 live video transmission offers the same quality at lower bandwidth consumption, but also saves money at data cards. It is also possible to add Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections to maximize the upload capacity.
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