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Crystal Vision provides chroma and logo keyers, up/down converters, synchronisers, clean switches, embedders and video delays. The video over IP products are software apps that run on media processor hardware - with IP gateway apps between SDI and ST 2022/2110, and IP translator apps for making adjustments to IP flows.


Lion Technology Park
Station Road East, Whittlesford
CB22 4WL
United Kingdom


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  • IP gateways and translators

    The MARBLE-V1 media processor is the industry's most flexible solution to video over IP. Crystal Vision's IP products are software apps which run on MARBLE-V1 hardware, with apps that are bought with the hardware able to be replaced with different apps as needs change – helping broadcast engineers to make the most of their budgets.

    Featuring a powerful CPU/GPU processor that runs Linux and a Crystal Vision developed operating system layer which is the connecting fabric to the software-defined apps, MARBLE-V1 is a card housed in the Vision frame. It has six bi-directional SDI connections, four 10GbE SFP+ network interface ports, eight bi-directional discrete AES stereo channels and multiple referencing capabilities.

    There are six initial software apps for MARBLE-V1.

    SDI6-IP-2022, IP-SDI6-2022, SDI6-IP-2110 and IP-SDI6-2110 are IP gateways for the transport of uncompressed video over 10GbE IP networks, converting to and from SMPTE 2022 or SMPTE 2110. The unique IP to IP translator apps – IP-IP-2022 and IP-IP-2110 – can be used for network address translation, multicast to unicast address conversion, the creation of media firewalls and ST 2022 to ST 2110 protocol conversion – and so help broadcasters solve any IP problems.

    The gateway and translator apps include support for 31 SDI video standards, redundant streaming, clean switching between flows, sophisticated synchronising, PTP reference, video delay, unicast and multicast transmission, signal and flow monitoring, traffic shaping and features to ensure network security. Additional features on the 2110 apps include support for AES67 (including the input or output of external digital audio via the DIOP8 piggyback), SDP reading and writing and AMWA NMOS IS-04 and IS-05.

  • Safire 3 real-time chroma keyer

    Now the lowest cost of the industry's best chroma keyers, Crystal Vision's Safire 3 offers support for resolutions from SD to 1080p, and includes features such as lighting compensation, colour correction and video delay. Broadcasters everywhere are using it for applications from weather to immersive virtual studios, and have all discovered that Safire 3 gives the best results possible, with its auto setup plus easy-to-use adjustments using hardware control panel or any web browser.

    Safire 3 is ideal for any live virtual studio or sports production where you care about the quality of the chroma keying. It wins those side-by-side evaluations. And you'll get fantastic support from Crystal Vision, with a five year warranty. Find out more below.

    More about Safire 3...

    • Real-time chroma keyer for use with 3Gb/s, High Definition and Standard Definition sources (31 different video standards)

    • Ideal for any live chroma keying or virtual set production - used by broadcasters and sports graphics providers across the world, including BBC Weather

    • Get excellent results with minimal sensitivity to camera noise: uses extremely sophisticated algorithm to determine how the key is derived

    • Easy to set up and operate: with cursor-based multi-point sampling to set up the optimised default settings - and input freeze to make things even easier

    • Tweak the picture until you're happy: range of fine-tuning tools to optimise the picture in more challenging conditions

    • Key on any colour: select blue, green or any colour you like - including sporting surfaces such as grass

    • Works with reflective and transparent objects, from spectacles to smoke: linear chroma keying allows areas of the final picture to be a mixture of both Foreground and Background

    • Create a natural-looking composite picture: match the look of the Foreground to the Background with the Foreground colour correction and the Background video adjustments

    • Correct any timing errors automatically: includes a frame synchroniser on each input timed to an analogue reference

    • Offset the graphic generator's delay: with ten frames of video delay adjustment on each input

    • Overrule the chroma keying: use the internal masks and flexible External Key to force areas to be either Foreground or Background - ideal for inserting graphics on to any sporting surface

    • Use it as a linear keyer: key any graphics over a video source

    • Optional relay bypass protection

    • Flexible control: VisionPanel remote control panel, GPI, SNMP or the web browser-based VisionWeb Control

    • Save rack space: fits in standard Indigo rack frames alongside interface and keying modules, with up to 12 boards in 2U

    • Five year warranty (with product registration)
  • Indigo and Vision frames

    Crystal Vision offers two frame systems: Indigo and Vision. Choose Indigo for the biggest range of boards (including chroma keyers) and a choice of three frame sizes. Choose Vision if you're planning an IP installation, or your SDI system would benefit from dual syncs and extra outputs.

    More about the Indigo frame system...

    • Three frame sizes: 2U, 1U and desk top box

    • Houses 70 different interface and keying boards – from standard glue product (such as converters, distribution amplifiers, synchronisers and embedders) to chroma keyers, logo keyers, video delays, fail-safe switches and colour correctors

    • High packing density: houses 12 boards in 2U (six in 1U and two in desk top box)

    • A choice of outputs via changeable rear modules

    • Excellent cooling

    • Optional power supply redundancy

    • Flexible control options – including your web browser

    • Backup and restore of board settings

    More about the Vision frame system...

    • One frame size: 3U

    • Houses 18 different interface and IP products – IP gateways and translators, up and down converters, synchronisers, fibre optic transmitters and receivers, audio embedders/de-embedders and distribution amplifiers for analogue and digital video and audio

    • Works with higher bandwidth signals (including IP) as well as SDI, analogue and audio products

    • High packing density: houses 20 cards in 3U

    • A choice of outputs via changeable rear modules – the most outputs ever offered by Crystal Vision

    • Excellent cooling

    • Dual syncs distributed from the frame to every card for easier wiring and redundant operation

    • Flexible control options – including your web browser

    • Two 1Gb/s Ethernet connections to the outside world for control and file transfer

    • Backup and restore of card settings and presets

    • Frame comes fitted with two very reliable power supplies offering redundancy as standard and with the extra power allowing increased card functionality

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