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Cost-effective, petabyte-scalable solutions that accelerate your media workflow.

The broadcast and media industries need high-capacity storage. While traditional SAN and NAS storage systems often fill this role, new formats such as 4K, 360 degree, and 60 frame video introduce greater storage challenges. As capacity requirements grow exponentially, traditional solutions become cost-prohibitive and insufficiently scalable.

Scalable Active Archive

Cloudian provides an alternative: petabyte-scalable, disk-based storage at costs comparable with public cloud storage. Get fast data access — 100X faster than tape — at costs as low as ½ cent per GB per month. Cloudian is high-capacity storage in your data center. Built from nodes, like bricks in a building,

Cloudian lets you start small and seamlessly scale to petabytes, without interruption or downtime. Ideal for your growing active archive, a Cloudian storage cluster grows with your needs — just add more storage nodes. 


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  • Hyperfile



    Cloudian HyperFile delivers enterprise file services from HyperStore, letting you consolidate unstructured data to a limitlessly scalable platform. Support Windows and Linux users and applications with SMB/NFS/FTP, plus Active Directory and LDAP integration.
  • HyperStore



    Enterprise Object Storage. Take control of your unstructured data. Cloudian HyperStore lets you start small and grow to hundreds of petabytes simply by adding nodes. Leverage the proven interoperability of the industry’s only 100% native S3 API. And take advantage of the broadest feature set in object storage. Whether for on-premises storage, or hybrid cloud storage services, Cloudian HyperStore saves time, saves cost, and puts you in control.
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  • Reclaim 60% of Your Tier 1 Storage

    60% of Tier 1 storage is typically consumed with inactive files that consume space and cost you money. Cloudian, together with Komprise file management software, lets you reclaim that space by migrating old or dormant information to Cloudian storage.


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