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Axel Technology is currently the Italian premier company in manufacturing professional Radio and Television broadcast solutions.

Technology and innovation have founded the continuous development and success of the company in the worldwide market, to such an extent that Axel Technology’s products are now present in over 120 countries.

Besides designing state-of-the-art hardware equipment and software solutions, the company’s extended know-how relies also on a wide experience as system integrator.


Axel Technology srl
Via Caduti di Sabbiuno 6/F
Anzola Emilia (BO)


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  • Digiware TV
    DIGIWARE is the multi-channel TV Scheduling software for clips, programs, live events and feed from any source. Playlist and schedule can be generated for a specific day as for long period (week and month). The schedule may include automated commands to control connected devices (routing switcher, VTR, Cart Machine, ..) and graphics (static and animated logos, tickers titles, crawls, etc ...). DIGIWARE allows the fast generation of playlists and the sharing/management of the archive by multiple users for multiple channels (user right management). Playlists are automatically generated according to scheduling rules and templates that are user definable and customizable. Preview of the clips included in the playlist straight from the PC with no need of additional hardware that allows the operator to make easy editing of the clip (trimming, associate graphics). DIGIWARE merges the advertising scheduling coming from RAM-COMM with the daily playlist. DIGIWARE includes comprehensive report generation and statistics.
  • Ultra Cross Converter
    UltraCrossConverter is a PC based video cross converter, which is able to convert between SDI, NDI or IP sources simultaneously to SDI, NDI and IP in same or different resolution/ or framerate. The video input can be scaled in PIP with squeezeback effect and a CG Background applied. There also a CG layer inside the PIP and on a overall layer. Audio follow video with downmixing. All CG layers include tickers, crawls, tables, logos, animations, clocks, news alert and commercial bugs insertion. SDI input and ouput can be up to 1080p. NDI input and output in any format. IP inputs in RTMP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, HTTP, FTP etc. IP output in RTMP, UDP, IIS smooth, WM streaming. Typical applications are IP decoder/encoder, NDI/SDI converter, or broadcast TV channel branding with PIP DVE for delivering SD/HD themed channel applications. Delay between input and output 3 frames aprox.
  • YouMix
    YouMix is the ideal companion for any Production Video Mixer, allowing to add different and innovative features. YouMix generates a complete video signal with multiple picture-in-picture (DVE) and multiple layers of complex graphics. In each DVE or background user can add: - Live sources coming from a capture card - IP streams coming from LAN/Internet - Desktop grabs (defining the captured area) - Video files in loop - Overlay graphics on backround and PIPs - NDI inputs and outputs Traditional video mixers do not allow to play files, decode IP streams, or generate complex graphics: with YouMix you can fulfill complex effects with a brodacst look without extra equipment and with no limit of DVE channels for PIP. Using the IP stream input and YouMix you can finally fill your DVEs like havig a IP decoder, fill your DVE’s with NDI, or use desktop grabbing to fill it with Skype. All graphics is also generated by YouMix, delivering a ready to use video signal output, freeing up other resources of your production video mixer.
  • RDSE3
    RDS E3 is a dynamic RDS encoder which supports all services and features of advanced use. RDS E3 supports the most advanced RDS dynamic services, including TMC, ODA, IH, TDC, EWS, Radio Text and Radio Text plus. In addition to standard CENELEC NRSC methods, RDS programming has been enriched with larger PS and RT sets (also available in dynamic mode) with powerful scheduling capabilities. GPS satellite receiver, such as our SAT TIME SYNCHRONIZER, can broadcast local time info as part of the RDS data. RDS service carries out also 4 IH (InHouse Application) remote controls, that can be used to start advertising breaks on distant networks, to split broadcasting areas, to activate/deactivate recorders. RDS E3 can be easily interfaced to various Automation Systems and offers an ASCII protocol for broadcast song/artist information. In case of alarms, it supports SNMP alerting for automation systems.
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