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Pioneering British LED lighting manufacturer, Rotolight, produce award-winning, on-camera, location and studio solutions for film and stills creation. With industry-first features such as Designer Fade and CineSFX (fire, lightning, etc.) at your fingertips for on set creativity, Rotolight delivers flicker-free, bi-colour lights with multiple control options for ultimate versatility.


Pinewood Studios
Pinewood Road
Iver Heath
United Kingdom


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  • Rotolight Anova PRO 2
    The Rotolight Anova PRO 2 is Rotolight's pioneering studio/ location lights designed for the most demanding of professionals. Delivering 10,700 lux at three feet, the Anova PRO 2 is one of the brightest lights in its class with just 72W consumption; reducing studio operating costs. The Anova PRO 2 also boasts fully adjustable colour temperature from 3150-6300K, whilst also providing excellent colour reproduction (CRI 96, TLCI 91). The Anova PRO 2 is the light of choice for Celebro Media's studios worldwide including Washington and London due to the benefits it affords their teams including the multiple control options, entirely cool running LEDs and naturally soft output.
  • Rotolight AEOS Two-Light Kit
    Consisting of two award-winning AEOS LEDs in a soft case, the two-light kit is an ideal portable lighting solution for creatives on the move. With each AEOS weighing less than 1.5kg at 1 inch thick, you're able to reduce excess weight when travelling. Its light weight allows the AEOS to be mounted on a standard ballhead as well as a yoke, or even handheld using its integrated aluminium handles; making it the perfect location light even for small teams. Offering a powerful continuous output of 5750 lux at three feet as well as High Speed Sync flash capabilities with zero recycle time, the AEOS enhances the workflows of hybrid shooters; allowing them to efficiently shoot both stills and video.
  • Rotolight AEOS
    The AEOS is Rotolight's ultra-portable location light; a lightweight bi-colour LED that provides crews with unrivalled versatility. Weighing in at under 1.5kg and just 1 inch thick, the AEOS reduces excess weight when travelling and can easily be handheld using integrated aluminium handles on the back of the light; making it easy to shape the light even in small teams. The world's first bi-colour LED to offer both a continuous output (5750 lux at three feet) and High Speed Sync flash capabilities, the Rotolight AEOS also offers adjustable colour temperature from 3150-6300K whilst delivering consistently excellent colour reproduction (CRI 96, TLCI 91) and flattering skin tones. The Rotolight AEOS is utilised by Italian state broadcaster, RAI's, ENG teams as well as TV and radio studios for lighting talent.
  • Rotolight NEO 2 Three-Light Kit
    This three-light kit of award-winning NEO 2s is ideal for creatives who travel frequently; providing an easy to use lighting setup in a robust flight case. Offering a powerful continuous output of 2000 lux at three feet as well as HSS flash capabilities, the NEO 2 is ideal for hybrid shooters. The NEO 2 hosts a range of innovative industry-first features, including an updates suite of Rotolight's built-in, customisable lighting effects: CineSFX. Easily handheld or mounted on a camera, the Rotolight NEO 2 is a small light that delivers big results.
  • Rotolight NEO 2 Explorer Kit
    Delivering power, portability, and comfort for creatives on the go, the Explorer Kit weighs less than 7kg; consisting of three award-winning NEO 2s provided in a luxury soft case. With this lightweight and convenient solution, create a three-light set up in just minutes, ideal for shooting on location.
  • Rotolight NEO 2
    NEO 2 is a revolutionary bi-colour LED light that combines the ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of continuous light with the flexibility of High-Speed Sync (HSS) flash; providing the flexibility to shoot both video and stills. Its 2000 lux output is entirely flicker-free at any frame rate and fully tuneable from 3150-6300K; delivering excellent colour accuracy (CRI 96, TLCI 91). The NEO 2 is packed with innovative, industry-first features; including an updated suite of Rotolight's customisable lighting effects: CineSFX. Easily handheld on set or mounted on-camera , the NEO 2 is a small light that delivers big results.
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