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Altitude Aerial Photography was born out of a love of photography, filming and just being creative, but combined with an absolute passion for radio control. We love what we do and we feel that is reflected in our work.

Get the shots you want.

Our advanced permit allows us to fly 5x closer to the public than other operators, even in towns and cities.

You're in safe hands.

As well as being fully qualified, we're experienced, having worked with major brands, as well as TV and Film companies.

We have you covered.

We have proeven safety measures to keep you safe, but just in case we also hold a £10m public liability insurance policy.

You choose the time.

Day or night, our permit lets us fly for you at any time.

And there's more...

As well as the aerial filming work, we are also highly qualified model flyers and can offer display flying as part of large events, or for filming in TV and Films. We also have a network of operators of all kinds of remotely controlled models, all across the UK.

We also offer bespoke services for clients that might need a special kind of remotely operated vehicle for their project, whether this is a different way of getting a camera in to a specific location or point of view, or simply creating an unusual animated prop.


Altitude Aerial Photography Ltd
34 Highpath Way
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  • Aerial Filming
    Altitude Aerial Photography has the ability to lift numerous different types of cameras, including focus pullers, to suit most needs. This ranges from small cameras right up to Red and ARRI.
  • Bespoke Projects
    Sometimes what you need doesn't exist and we can help, from creating a specialist drone for a camera job, to creating a unique model for a production or show. This includes creating ways of integrating drones in to live events.
  • Display Flying
    We understand there are times when you want the aircraft in front of the camera and we can help. We can operate all kinds of remotely controlled vehicles, from planes and helicopters, to cars and boats, but lets not forget drones/uavs. We can do live displays to choreographed routines.
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  • At Altitude Aerial Photography we hold an advanced permit extension from the CAA which allows us to fly in many places others have to turn down. In this video we show why.
  • As the title suggests, just a few quick samples from shoots we've had the pleasure of being involved with.
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