Exhibitor FAQs

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked are covered below. If you'd still like to get in touch you can always contact us directly. 

These FAQs are for companies who are signed up to exhibit at BVE 2019. If you'd like to enquire about booking a stand visit our Exhibit pages

Online profile

Your online profile acts as a virtual stand that will engage, influence and motivate buyers before, during and after your appearance at the live event.

Here you will find information, advice and guidance on how to get noticed, get known, get found and get networked with the people that matter most – buyers.


Q: What is the Standard Exhibitor Marketing Package?

A: The Standard Exhibitor Marketing package is included as part of your exhibiting contract.  It provides you with a web profile page that you can enhance with additional content such as logo; company description; product categories; keyword tags; product images; social media links; trade association memberships etc. Enhanced profiles are proven to increase buyer engagement, influence and motivation before, during and after the show.

Try to treat your online profile as you would your stand; dress it with high quality content, include different channels for buyers to engage with you, and promote your brand identity to make a positive first impression on buyers when they are planning their visit. Your online profile is likely to be the first point of contact with buyers and remains on the website for the full show cycle, so it’s important to add your content as soon you can.

You can update your content at any time during the show cycle by logging in to the Exhibitor Zone with the username and password that we will have sent to you.


Q: What benefits do I get from the Standard package?

A: More buyers are now using our websites and apps to preview products and source potential suppliers to help plan their visit. Therefore, your online profile is increasingly important to help you get noticed, get known, get found and get networked. People remember 20% of what they see, 30% of that they hear and 70% of what they see and hear. So adding high quality visual content to your online profile translates into more interest and enquiries from buyers. In fact, our analysis of over 2,000 profiles shows that enhanced profiles receive up top ten times more views than un-enhanced profiles.

Your online profile has been designed to encourage buyers to engage with you by traditional means, via your social networks or by using our email enquiry service.  More channels to engage with you means more opportunities for you to generate valuable sales leads and sales prospects before and after the show.


Q: What if I don’t want to upload content onto my online profile?

A: You don’t have to enhance your online profile, but that’s a bit like not dressing your stand at the show. With so many products and suppliers on display, buyers expect and want to preview as much as they can to help them decide which products to buy and which exhibitors to visit at the show. Buyers also use the website as a reference tool after the show.


Q: What do I do if the details on my profile are incorrect?

A: You can amend any content that you have uploaded on your web profile at any time.  If other information such as your company name, address, telephone, fax, stand number, web URL is incorrect, please fill out the 'Change of Contac Details' form found within the exhibitor zone.


Q: What should I do if I’ve lost or misplaced my login details to the Exhibitor Zone?

A: Click on the Exhibitor Zone login link situated at the top left of the website, then use the  ‘Forgotten your password’ link.  If your email address is recognised as the registered user, you will be sent your login password. If you need them sent to a different email address, please get in touch with ITE Assist who will be able to action this insert exhibitor contact form here


Q: Can people email me from my web profile page and can people see my email address?

A: Yes, there is a CONTACT THIS EXHIBITOR button on your web profile page that launches an email enquiry form. The enquirer is asked to complete the form including; their name, email, job title, company name, telephone number and message. Your email address is hidden to avoid you receiving spam messages.

Please note: Email enquiries made via your Online profile are sent to the email address that we hold for the marketing contact that you have provided us on your exhibiting contract. If this has changed, please contact your sales representative or ITE Assist insert exhibitor contact form here


Q: What if the list of product categories don’t accurately describe my product?

A: If you can’t find a product category that closely matches your product, we recommend you go to Keyword Tags and use the free text field.


Q: What should I include in my Company Description?

A: Your company description should inform customers what you do and how you do it.  Describe your company and products clearly and concisely, using short descriptive sentences.  Mention any awards that you have won and how you will help your customers.  Avoid writing your stand number, telephone number or web address as these are already included elsewhere on your profile.


Q: How do visitors to the website find my profile page?

A: Visitors to the website can search in different ways such as; filtering exhibitors or products by show sector, product category, A – Z, new, or keyword search.  Therefore, the chances of your online profile being found are dramatically increased if you have tagged your company to the correct product categories, added keyword tags and uploaded your product images.

Exhibitors that enhance their online profile receive up to 10x more views that than those that don’t.


Q: When is the best time to upload content onto my online profile?

A: You should aim to upload content as soon as you can after you have received your Exhibitor Zone login details. 

The exhibitor directory is open for buyers to view all year round, so the sooner you upload content, the more often you will get noticed and found by buyers and get networked via the range of contact options on your profile including; weblink, email, telephone, social networking, and most importantly, visiting you on your stand.


Q: Who should I contact if I have any questions about the Exhibitor Marketing Package?

A: If you have any queries about your online package, please contact our customer service team

Printed show guide

Q:  When is the Show Guide published?

A: The printed Show Guide will be available on site at the show. There is also a Show Preview which will be posted to registered visitors 2-4 weeks before the show. *Subject to show preview being published.


Q: Who receives a copy of the Show Guide?

A: All visitors to the event will receive a copy of the printed Show Guide when they arrive at the venue.


Q: How do I ensure that my company is included in the Show Guide?

A: Your Show Guide entry will be taken from the ‘Show Guide entry form’ which you can complete within the exhibitor zone. *Coming soon


Q: How do I advertise in the Show Guide?

A: You can discuss a range of print advertising options by contacting our Official Show Guide publisher, Event Guides Ltd, on bve@eventguides.co.uk or +44 (0) 1228 541200.


Q: What is the deadline for being listed in the Show Guide?

A: The deadline for your Show Guide entry is listed on the 'Show Guide entry form' within the exhibitor zone.

Exhibitor manual & operations

There are some forms that are mandatory and must be completed before the show. In addition, there are other forms that can help you personalise your stand at the show.

We will send you reminders in the lead up to the show. In addition, you can find a selection of the Frequently Asked Questions below that we hope you’ll find useful.


Q.I have been to the show before, do I still need to log into the Manual?

A.Yes. There are a number of compulsory forms which you must complete prior to your arrival on site for each show. In addition, it is important that you log on to check that all the details that we hold for you are correct.


Q:What is my stand number?

A: Your stand number is referenced on the homepage of your Exhibitor Zone.

Q: Can you send me a floorplan?

A: The floorplan is not available on the Exhibitor Manual or the website as it is constantly being updated. If you or your contractors require a copy of the plan, contact us 


Q: Can I have the contractors contact details?

A: All our official contractors are listed on the Exhibitor Manual, head to the home page and click on the box on the right - 'Contractors' for all their contact details. It's helpful if you have your stand number handy when calling them, as you may be asked for this.


Q: When am I going to get my badges?

A: You will need to register each member of staff for an exhibitor badge. Once registered you will be emailed your badge to print out and bring onsite with you. The link for this can be found in the exhibitor manual under the ‘Forms’ tab.


Q: I need to add more people to my exhibitor badge order. How do I do this?

A: There is no limit on the number of badges for each exhibitor as every member of staff must wear one for the duration of the show. On the final screen of your registration, you will have the option to ‘Register a Colleague’.


Q: How do I access the Health & Safety form?

A: You can find the Health & Safety Declaration form within the 'Forms' section of the Manual.


Q: Do I need to complete the Health & Safety form?

A: Yes, every exhibitor needs to fill out this form, whether they are a Shell Scheme or a Space Only stand.

If you are a Space Only exhibitor, and you have employed a contractor to build your stand for you then we will pick up their Risk Assessment within the stand plan submission. You still need to complete a Risk Assessment for the part that you and your staff will play on your stand.


Q: How do I fill out the Health & Safety form?

A: Once you click on the 'Health & Safety Declaration' link, you will be taken to the online form. Please check your contact details are correct, read the text and check the tick box to confirm you have carried out a Risk Assessment for your time onsite during build up, open days and breakdown and finally, add the contact details of the person who will be responsible for staff health & safety onsite at the show. Please note, there are several guides and quick links on the right hand side of the form to help you complete it.

If you have any questions on this or need further assistance completing the form, please contact  ITE Assist insert exhibitor contact form here


Q: How do I order electrics?

A: The form to order electrics with our official contractors, GES Electrics can be found under the 'Forms' tab of the Exhibitor Manual. Alternatively, feel free to contact GES Electrics directly about any queries you may have


+44 (0)2476 380 180


Q: How do I order internet connectivity? Is there free Wi-Fi in the halls?

A: Internet connections can be booked through the venue supplier, details of this can be found on your exhibitor manual under contractors.


Q: How do I deliver my goods to my stand/ order lifting?

A: Our official logistical contractors, GES Logistics are always on hand to help with any queries you may have pre-show (pickups and deliveries) and onsite (lifting, receiving, storage, return of stock etc.) The order form for their services can be found under the 'Forms' tab of the Exhibitor Manual. You can of course use your own couriers but please ensure you label your boxes with the full delivery address (as seen in your exhibitor manual under ‘deliveries’) and also make sure there is a representative on your stand to sign for your goods.

Q: Do I need insurance to participate at the show?

A: No, provided that you have adequate cover you don’t need to buy additional insurance. To ensure that you don’t pay for insurance you don’t need, please send a copy of your insurance documents to Inevexco (ITE Events ’s insurance broker) who will tell you if you have adequate cover to exhibit. exhibitor@inevexco.co.uk  +44 (0)1732 424286


Q: Is there exhibitor parking?

A: Yes, there is a multi-storey car park onsite at Excel London. Book online


Q: Can I rig a banner?

Lighting rigs or other structural rigging are permitted provided the uppermost point is within 6m from the ExCeL floor and the lowest point is above 2.3m. All rigging is subject to approval by ITE Events  and must be contained within the confines of the stand and may not overhang any gangways or neighbouring stands. Banners should be rigged no higher than 6m and must sit 1m in from the edge of the stand.


Q: Am I allowed to wall in my open sides?

A: Walling in on open sides is at the discretion of the Organisers and may only be approved as long as the walling does not exceed one third of the total run of meterage of each open side. Therefore, two thirds of the run must be open or made from transparent material. Alternatively, solid walling may be placed 1 metre in from the stand perimeter, subject to the Organisers approval. If you have any queries about this, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss. 







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