14 Mar 2018 BVE Insights

Well that’s a wrap…until next year

After all these years running events, I still never sleep the night before an event. Mainly due to one recurring thought… what if no one turns up…. Apparently it’s a common theme for anyone that runs/ works on events of any kind.

However, the absolute last thing you want to happen the day before you are set to open the doors is become aware that winter was coming… but in February…. tomorrow.  In that moment of realisation, there is really only one thing you can do… laugh. Then hope your visitors make the journey, and from a content perspective get on the phone to anyone more than an hour away and make sure they can get to you. The show must go on after all.

BVE, The UK’s largest Media and Technology show, happened a little less than two weeks ago, and despite ‘snowmegeddon’, we had a fantastic event, yes the snow impacted us, but the visitors came in big enough numbers, and seniority, that we just had an event that had a bit of a buzz. There is nothing more heartening than talking to visitors who had travelled for hours –no joke – to come and play with some cool stuff, place a few orders, learn how to use new ‘things’, meet people (be it customer and friends in equal measure) and see a few inspiring and interesting speakers. It gives us a sense that if people are making that much of an effort to get to us, then we are doing something right.

BVE Blue Planet II session


Our entire team was humbled by the amount of people who turned out and made sure that our hard work didn’t go to waste at all. And I was immensely grateful to all of our technical partners who helped us try new things (IMIS – amazing livestream), the partners like Seenit and Timeline who helped me bring to life our very cool UGC challenge. It’s amazing to work in a community where we can make some of our crazy ideas happen, just by asking people if they want to give it a go? Or when people come to us and say we’d like to try this and we say – well why not!

This event had so many stand out moments for the content team, including this picture. In 10 years I have never seen grown adults sit round a stage, on the floor, the chairs, in the aisle on the floor and just be captivated by speakers and their work. Thanks Blue Planet 2, Orla Doherty and Jonathan Smith had some fascinating experiences to share. When I thought we wouldn’t top it, then came ILM and Ben Lambert who almost caused a health and safety issue when people couldn’t actually get within 5 meters of the theatre for the crowds. You would never know the Beast from the East had come to visit.

BVE Star Wars session


In other areas of the show we had over 250 speakers sharing insight on a range of topics from Technical sessions on audio, lighting and cinematography, to VR and immersive technologies in live environments, to things you learn when you start a production company, to the change in workflow and infrastructure technologies. BVE is the show where we look at technology and its uses in all parts of the production process, as well as quality insight into the industry trends that will impact us all.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing the session videos from our Storytellers stage, and sharing key points from some of our major sessions from across the show.

As always, if you managed to get to us, or even if you didn’t, please do get in touch to let us know what you enjoyed and what you want to see more of in 2019!

About BVE

BVE is the largest broadcast, production and media and tech exhibition in the UK attracting over 12,000 creative professionals, business leaders and tech professionals every year.