14 Mar 2018 BVE Insights
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Video: The Power of Music and Storytelling

"There's nothing like music that has the ability to create big emotions and unforgettable experiences"

storytellers stageEach year we like to programme into the seminar content something a little different to what people are used to seeing at BVE. This year, with our new seminar structure we were able to look at a little bit more of the creative outputs of the UK media and entertainment industry by creating our main stage – The Storytellers Stage.

This gave us the freedom to really explore and have fun in featuring some of the best projects of 2017 and hopefully inspire a few people with the creativity and technology that is being developed. It also gave us the chance to explore something that we haven’t looked at before, the creative impact of audio and music. Not just from a practical ‘this is how you get the best results’, but its impact on storytelling and its ability to amplify emotional connections with their audiences.

Perhaps one of the content surprises for the BVE audience this year, and as head of content one of my favourite sessions, was “Cannes Curated: Finding inspiration - brands and storytelling” hosted by Olivier Robert-Murphy, Global Head of New Business for the Universal Music Group, and Carsten Elmose, Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing for YouSee, Denmarks largest Telco.

You may wonder – why are Universal Music and YouSee presenting at BVE? Well simply put, they are both brands that have become masterful at using music and creativity to enhance the storytelling in their own branded content. Apart from Olivier Robert-Murphy being an amazing speaker and having a wealth of insight and knowledge to share as to how music brands are succeeding in creative branded content campaigns, he also brought one of those brands to BVE to share even more creative insight with our audiences.  Carsten gave us perhaps one of the most memorable soundbites from BVE that I doubt many would disagree with “There's nothing like music that has the ability to create big emotions and unforgettable experiences”.

When we consider the power of music and audio across content, be it in broadcast content, high end drama, indie films, or branded content, the feedback we had in our BVE research was that music and audio is perhaps not given as much credit as it deserves in terms of its contribution to storytelling and its power to connect to an audience.

How can creators produce engagement pieces that pull people back to their channel, and create lasting positive sentiments and loyalty?

This fitted neatly into what was perhaps one of the key trends that we wanted to explore for 2018, how do broadcasters, production companies, content creator’s, and brands create meaningful and lasting connections with their audiences? And moving on step further how can they create these connections that work to create engagement pieces that pull people back to their channel and create lasting positive sentiments and loyalty. YouSee are a fantastic example of a brand that has used technology, analytics paired with creativity and music to connect with their customers, and global audiences, in a way that we can all learn from…  no matter what type of content you produce.

I am delighted that we can share this session with you, it may be one of the most entertaining and interesting things you do with 30 minutes today!


Cannnes Curated: finding inspiration - brands and storytelling

Session from 28 Feb 2018 at BVE features unique insight on:

  • How Universal Music and Yousee are engaging audiences using music and storytelling
  • How brands are using music to create emotional connections with online audiences
  • A look at some of the best branded content campaigns from Cannes Lions




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