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DeSisti Case Study: Over 50 high quality leads generated at BVE 2018


Desisti at BVE


After re-launching DeSisti UK, we needed to find the best place to promote our products and services and demonstrate our commitment to the UK market – BVE was the obvious choice.  

Fabio De Sisti, Managing Director, UK  DeSisti


Focus and Challenges

From its formation in 1982 in Rome, DeSisti has been a world leader in professional lighting systems used in the entertainment, broadcasting and architecture industries. The company has a reputation for innovation and quality.

Desisti at BVE

The latest examples are innovations in SSL Lighting (LED) and Optimized Optical Systems. DeSisti’s commitment to quality control runs from the manufacturing processes in its factories through to the global network of distributors and dealers responsible for installation. 

Every visitor to our stand was there for a reason, they had a purpose, a problem they wanted help with. So for us every person is a potential sale.

DeSisti has enjoyed considerable success in the UK and has played a major role in recent projects at the Riverside Studios and for BBC Wildlife in Cardiff. To capitalise upon this success, in 2017 the company decided to strengthen its commitment to the UK market by re-establishing DeSisti UK.

The next challenge was to tell customers and partners about the new company. In particular that they now have direct access to its extensive range of high quality products and support services – and to do this face-to-face with as many people as possible.  


BVE was the ideal place for me, the founder of DeSisti, to meet many people from different industries who are all looking for high quality lighting solutions.


The objective: Build awareness of DeSisti UK and its range of high quality innovative products and start to generate new sales opportunities.


The BVE solution

The re-launch of DeSisti UK was a major strategic investment for the company and the initial promotional activity had to set the right tone and reach the right people.

Working closely with the team at BVE, DeSisti developed and ran a pre-show promotional programme through its website and email database, supported by social media and by using the BVE activity to build awareness that it had a stand at BVE where it would be demonstrating new products. 

The company added a great touch to its stand by creating a theme – ‘come and have a taste of Italy’ – and offered visitors Italian wine and prosciutto. Together with product demonstrations this proved to be a successful mix to draw people to the stand.


BVE has proved to be the right place for DeSisti to launch its own UK company, showcase its products and innovations and build momentum in the UK market.  


BVE was absolutely the right environment for us, we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we gained so we re-booked for 2019 whilst at this year’s event. 


Create awareness

  • Present the company’s latest innovations
  • Highlight the quality control underpinning every product

Talk to everyone

  • Use the exhibition to reach decision-makers in lighting
  • Take time to get to know each customers’ lighting challenges

Build confidence

  • Direct contact accelerates the sales process
  • Customers feel they have a relationship with the people who run DeSisti



  • 50+ qualified leads
  • Orders generated within weeks of the exhibition
  • Valuable customer feedback and support

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