06 Feb 2019 BVE Insights

Moving beyond Brexit – addressing concerns of the UK media industry

More than anything, the level of uncertainty when it comes to post-Brexit operations has become the key issue for media businesses as Britain prepares to leave the European Union. This is the case whether it’s concerning regulations, access to infrastructure or the ability to easily take advantage of the skills and locations available within the EU.

In research conducted on behalf of the German capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg, several specific concerns were identified as the most important ones by representatives of the UK media industry.


While there will be very few media organisations looking to move entire bases of operations into the EU, the inability to operate within the member states creates some challenges that establishing at least a small base in the EU can help solve. According to key representatives from the UK media industry, the most pressing issues include access to talent and the additional taxes and duties which will be required if producing content in the European Union.

On top of this, changing requirements for regulation and the potential for limited access to technical infrastructures are also prominent concerns to those preparing for post-Brexit operations.

With limited access and additional costs, the British media industry could quickly become siloed from its counterparts in the European Union. This will restrict the creative abilities of content producers and the capacity for service providers to deliver high-quality programming to audiences in the EU and Britain.  

To address some of these concerns and provide practical advice, a collaboration of government entities from the Berlin-Brandenburg is hosting a panel discussion at BVE. Backed by the Media Authority Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb), Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Brandenburg Invest, the aim of this session is to provide insight to UK production and broadcast companies preparing for Brexit.

Providing continuity: Post-Brexit production and broadcast

Wednesday 27 February, 4.30pm – Business of Production Theatre at BVE 2019.



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