23 Jan 2019 BVE Insights


Broadcasters and brand owners are increasingly pressured to meet viewers demand for instant news and coverage of anything that moves. As budgets are shrinking, a shift from traditional broadcast set-ups to cost-efficient innovative productions is taking place.

Innovation is needed for news and sport productions to keep up. One innovative technology already available and ready for use: Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.

Completely replacing production crew with AI is perhaps a bridge too far, but the bridge to assisted production has already been crossed by Mobile Viewpoint. Fully automated news production is already possible with the help of our AI product range, consisting of VPilot and IQ Sports Producer.

VPilot contains an automatic camera operator and a virtual director. The automatic camera operator uses AI and depth-sensing technology to keep presenters framed correctly and to indicate if they are present. The virtual director uses a web-based GUI to create affordable extra news bulletins.

The IQ Sports Producer uses AI-driven software and a 180 degrees camera. Image recognition allows AI to follow the game using said camera. The software is able to make unmanned productions viewable, as it can detect and direct the camera to film goals, fouls, corners, time-outs, and injuries. It can also analyse players and automatically create game summaries. Using our solution, smaller team sports leagues are now able to live stream their games cost-efficiently.

Furthermore, AI-based advertisement control will make games much more interesting for sponsors. If an advertisement is played dynamically and intelligently during breaks, viewers are less likely to quit watching.

Smaller broadcasters and live streamers are already using our solutions. In the next few years we expect the big boys to follow suit. The sooner our industry starts adopting AI-based technology, the better we are able to meet viewers demands.

Visit the Mobile Viewpoint at BVE stand G23 to see a live demo of our state of the art live broadcasting solutions VPilot and IQ Sports Producer.

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