New Product Launches at BVE 2013

See all the new products that are being launched or debuted for the first time in the UK by our exhibitors at BVE 2013.

Do come back and check this page frequently as we receive new information from our exhibitors fairly regularly.

A.C. Entertainment Technologies

Hall/Stand: C64

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Chroma-Q Studio Force Phosphor™

Chroma-Q Studio Force Phosphor™

The new Chroma-Q™ Studio Force Phosphor™ range utilises innovative LED technologies to provide an equivalent soft edge output to a fluorescent fixture – up to 7,000 lumens. There’s a choice of standard daylight (5,600K) white, variable (3,200 – 5,600K) white and tungsten (3,200K) white colour temperature versions, with the variable version offering fine-tuning of the green & magenta tints and frequency for camera.

Studio Force D XT 12

Chroma-Q Studio Force D XT 12

The new Studio Force D XT 12 is an ultra-bright, higher-output version that provides a blistering 15,000 lumens output. Specifically designed for TV, film, touring, exhibitions, corporate events and theatre lighting applications, the Studio Force D XT 12 is perfect for evenly washing large areas, complemented by its smooth, theatrical grade dimming.

Color Force™ RGBA

Chroma-Q Color Force™ RGBA

Delivers power across the spectrum, from bold colours to super soft pastels, all from a single fixture.

LedGo EQ HR Blackface Series 5mm Pitch Panel

LedGo EQ HR Blackface Series 5mm Pitch Panel

New and showing exclusively at AC-ET's stand is LedGo's 5mm EQ HR Blackface LED panels. At 5mm pitch, these panels offer extremely high contrast, providing a seamless display with no visible wires or frames. Modular and lightweight, the 5mm Blackface EQ HR panels are easy to set up and are suitable for many different types of high resolution video applications.


Green Hippo Hippotizer Software Version 3.2


Green Hippo Hippotizer Software Version 3.2

New from Green Hippo and being demoed exclusively on AC-ET's stand is the 3.2 Hippotizer Software release for Green Hippo media servers. After many months of development and user feedback, version 3.2 sees one of the largest builds ever produced, with over seven brand new features and 100+ enhancements included. New features include RegionMapper, Presets, Mackie, Cross-fade on Layer, Timecode on Layer, MultiSelect and MA-Net.


Autocue Group Ltd

Hall/Stand: K12

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Autocue Production Suite

Autocue Production Suite

Autocue launches Production Suite at BVE 2013. Autocue Production Suite is a fully featured newsroom, scripting and teleprompting system, a live multi-camera production suite, and an automated channel in a box for playout, all in a single integrated end to end system. Available from £22,000 and ideal for local TV and small channels.


Bluebell Opticom Ltd

Hall/Stand: G54

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Net Caddie

Net Caddie

The Net Caddie is a new compact camera interface using the revolutionary “Stagebox by BBC Research & Development” technology.  Net Caddie allows HD-SDI to be injected directly into a standard IP network environment.
Net Caddie transforms the entire camera’s bidirectional linear control, audio and video signals into packet based IP protocols.



The TDM-700 designed to provide a rugged and cost effective optical link between a remote “POV” (Point of View) Camera and an OB van or Control Room. The link provides an HD-SDI feed, reverse composite video plus bi-directional RS232 and RS422 data for full control of the POV.



Hall/Stand: B17

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CableJoG’s AVjog Rack is a 3u rack mounted cable tester designed for audio and video cable users/manufacturers. DVI, HDMI, SCART, SVGA, SVideo, USB, Ethercon, BNC, Ftype, Coax, Phono & XLR connectors are fitted as standard Any combination of connectors can be tested. Easy to use two button operation. LCD display indicates type of cable and Opens/Shorts/Crossed connections.


Cambridge Imaging Systems

Hall/Stand: L1

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Imagen Cloud

Imagen Cloud

At BVE2013 Cambridge Imaging Systems will be launching ImagenCloud – the cloud based version of its popular Asset Management and Publishing software. The cloud version of Imagen2 will of course, offer all the great features of Imagen2 but without the need for hardware expenditure and hosting expertise.


Compare the Kit

Hall/Stand: PS-B23

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Compare the Kit

Compare the Kit

Compare the Kit is a price comparison website designed to help you find the most cost effective broadcast equipment for your production's needs. We contact facility houses with your requirements and collate all the information for you. We then get back to you with the best prices. You book the kit yourself as normal and it's a free service to use, it's that simple. You get the best price sent to you whilst you carry on working.

FOR-A (UK) Ltd

Hall/Stand: K16

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The world’s first* high-speed camera designed for super-slow-motion acquisition at 4K resolution up to 900 frames per second (fps). The FT-ONE incorporates the groundbreaking FT1-CMOS, a global shutter CMOS color sensor. The FT-ONE CMOS was developed by FOR-A to provide superior resolution and sensitivity.


Garland Partners

Hall/Stand: E33

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ABonAir AB305

The AB305 HD/SD wireless video link brings all the performance and features of the high-end quality products in a low cost package to enable budgeted production teams to benefit from robust reliable wireless video systems.  AB305TM enables video transmission up to 500m while consuming only 10W.


ABonAir AB310

The AB310HD professional HD wireless video link has a low delay mode of 90msec, a Camera Control Unit (CCU), bi-directional data link and more. The system allows video transmission of up to 2KM. All these features are delivered in a compact, lightweight form-factor that attaches easily to any professional camera.

Allegro: High Density Transcoder AL2400

AL2400 1RU unit is a new form factor, hardware accelerated transcoder, designed with bulk transcoding farms in mind. The Allegro DVT AL2400 live high density transcoder ingests MPEG-2 and H.264 compressed inputs and delivers live audio/video outputs in all delivery formats simultaneously, adapted to broadcast, IPTV, PiP and Over-The-Top TV.



Cisco Media Processor

Cisco AS8100

The Cisco AS8100 Series Media Processor is a flexible, multi-format, scalable solution, supporting resolutions from mobile to web to HD. Unlike other encoders on the market, Cisco Media Processors support multiple formats in one unit, and are optimised to deliver adaptive streams, allowing users the best quality experience, whatever their bandwidth.



Teracue DCH-510EC

Teracue DCH-510EC

The DCH-510EC is a pure hardware H.264 HD/SD encoder or MPEG-2 to H.264 transcoder. It can be configured as an encoder and or as a transcoder. The transcoder processes ASI or IP MPEG-TS transport streams and can support full 1080i encoding.

Teracue DEC-300 HDSDI Portable

Teracue DEC-300 HDSDI Portable

The DEC-300 is an HD/SD hardware decoder, built for 24/7 streaming and real time decoding for low latency broadcast, IP contribution and internet streaming. It supports H.264 and MPEG-2 formats.The units are extremely robust, have an extended temperature range, contain no moving parts and are noiseless.

Teracue ENC-300 HDSDI Portable

Teracue ENC-300 HDSDI Portable

The ENC-300 H.264 HD encoder is designed for IPTV and live streaming. It is ideal when camera signals, broadcast or monitoring video feeds need to be distributed over IP networks, for internet streaming, for broadcast and CDN contribution. The ENC-300 encoder series provides low delay, pure hardware encoding based on open-standards.

LiveU LU40S

LiveU LU40S

The LU40S is the latest addition to the LU40 product family. It offers rich new features and capabilities for live news gathering, including: low latency for interview-mode; local storage store and forward; file transfer (FTP); video and audio indicators; under one minute boot-up time; and the ability to control the unit from its touch screen, the server or from any web-enabled device.

LiveU LU70

LiveU LU70

The LU70 is the latest 3G mobile uplink solution from LiveU, with its second-generation internal and new external antenna arrays. The LU70 bonds up 7x 3G/4G LTE, WiMAX and Wi-Fi modems and LAN simultaneously and offers One-Touch-Live mode.

ViewCast Niagara N2200

ViewCast Niagara N2200

This new portable encoder is an ideal fit for analogue inputs and SD output. Choose from H264/Flash, MPEG-2 or WM encoding formats with the added choice of MPEG-2 Transport stream output as well as IP.  

ViewCast Osprey Card O845e

ViewCast Osprey Card O845e

The Osprey 845e is the ideal video capture card for high-density applications. It offers 4 independent SDI input channels and supports both SD and HD. The Osprey 845e also comes standard with SimulStream® for multiple output streams. This driver enhancement provides the ability to feed multiple encoding applications at the same time.



Media Excel: HERO Series

Media Excel: HERO Series

HERO is the platform that combines the flexibility of software with the performance and density advantages of hardware. This hybrid solution provides for superior scalability, greatest density, development flexibility and power efficiency while offering unmatched multi-screen HD delivery.



GB Labs

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Midi Space LTO

Space LTO

Space LTO runs fast enough to avoid the necessity for the shuttling and scrubbing techniques that stress magnetic tape and jeopardise its viability for long-term back-up. Developed to meet the demanding requirements of broadcasters, its four 1.5TB capacity LTO-5 drives all read and write data at the full speed of each tape

Midi Space SSD

Mini Space SSD

For animators, VFX houses or anyone working with multiple users in a high-resolution environment, storage should be all about power and performance. The cost-effective and compact Space SSD storage solution, which is 30 times faster than spinning disks, gives you just that.

Space EX 36

Space EX 36

Add up to five Space Ex units to painlessly expand your Space capacity to 192 TB. These cost a fraction of the same capacity Space unit and let you add capacity in the background while you work with no downtime. It’s safe, fast and cost-effective – the perfect solution to an increasing need for quick, secure data storage


Glidecam Industries

Hall/Stand: B15

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Vista Head HD

Glidecam Vista Head HD

The Glidecam Vista Head HD is a remote controlled pan-tilt head for small cameras up to 7 pounds

Glidecam Vista Track

Glidecam Vista Track 10-48

The VistaTrack 10-48 can be used with cameras weighing up to 10 pounds when attached to a single tripod or when using it’s integrated adjustable legs.  The VistaTrack 10-48 can be used with cameras weighing up to 30 pounds when attached to two tripods for added stability.


Global Distribution

Hall/Stand: D38

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Pro Cache6

Pro Cache6

The Pro-Cache LTO-6 is Cache-A's first of next generation of archiving appliances based off LTO-6 tape drives. LTO-6 has a much faster throughput, and up to 70% greater storage capacity. LTO-6 cartridges can hold up to 2.5TB of data natively compared to LTO-5 which is only 1.5TB of data.


Guntermann & Drunck

Hall/Stand: B22

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Control Center-Digital


The ControlCenter-Digital system extends and switches high-speed USB 2.0, RS232 and bidirectional audio.
When working on different computers, users need to be able to include different video sources and at least one full HD resolution. Further video types such as VGA, DVI single and dual link as well as DisplayPort.



Hall/Stand: H72

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The Broadcaster

The Broadcaster

The BROADCASTER delivers bespoke advantage not previously possible providing unique views only deliverable with the right machine and talented production company can achieve serious frame rate capability to deliver ever more awe-inspiring footage in order to stay ahead.

Perfect for extreme activities and adrenaline pumping sporting events as well as huge potential on film sets providing view points not attainable previously.


Holdan Ltd

Hall/Stand: F38

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Datavideo HS-2800

HS-2800 is a briefcase-style HD production switcher which can be up and running in any location in a matter of minutes. With 8 digital inputs, a built-in 17” multi-view video monitor and 10-bit video support, the HS-2800 is ideal for outside broadcast crews, mobile video units and any fast-moving live TV production.


Ianiro UK Ltd

Hall/Stand: D24

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G-Force Master

ABC's G-Force Master

The new G-Force Master is a camera stabilizing mount from ABC Products, perfect for capturing cinematic pictures on the move. With a maximum 11kg payload it is an ideal steady support for such cameras as the Sony FS-700, Canon C500 or Red Scarlet, all in full armour - with batteries, monitor, recorder, matte box and lens.



Hall/Stand: L20

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The HDL-45E/E1 is a 3CCD multi-purpose HDTV camera achieving superb picture quality, high stability and excellent reliability with the incorporation of Ikegami’s cutting edge digital technologies.
The camera provides superior picture image with newly developed 2/3-inch 2.3 Mega pixel AIT CCDs, digital processing LSI (ASIC) and latest 14-bit A/D converters.


JVC Professional Europe Ltd

Hall/Stand: B12

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Introducing the GY-HM600, a light, versatile and extremely easy to use ProHD camcorder with superior low-light performance for next generation newsgathering. The ideal hand-held camcorder for fast paced ENG, documentaries and reality TV. It features a 23x wide angle Fujinon lens and full HD 1/3-inch CMOS sensors.



Mobile Newsgathering is now better then ever with the introduction of JVC’s GY-HM650.Dual codecs make it possible to record for 2 screens simultaneously: full HD on one and a smaller web-friendly file on another memory card.Transfer the footage back to the station with the GY-HM650’s built-in FTP and WiFi connectivity.


Miller Fluid Heads (Europe) Ltd

Hall/Stand: B23

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Miller Skyline 70

Miller Skyline 70

The Skyline 70, 150mm ball levelling fluid head is Miller Camera Support Equipment’s latest innovation. Ideally suited to digital cinematography, the Skyline 70 incorporates advanced precision drag and counterbalance systems that support a diverse choice of camera configurations with payloads from 4.5 kg to 37.5 kg making it an extremely versatile fluid head.


Nexto DI UK Ltd

Hall/Stand: C43

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Nexto DI NVS2825 Air

The Nexto Video Storage NVS-Air backs up a 64GB SxS or P2 card in six minutes, at up to 10seconds per 1GB. It then performs verification, comparing the file on the card to the file on the hard disk to make sure the data is copied accurately.


Pacific Corporation UK

Hall/Stand: K36

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Super compact C-mount HD broadcast camera. Full 1080i/50 available and only 29 x 29 x 77mm. HD-SDI output, blacklevel settings and much more


Panasonic Professional Camera Solutions

Hall/Stand: F48

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Panasonic AW-RP120G

The AW-RP120G Remote Camera Controller supports a variety of Panasonic remote camera systems. IP connection allows a large-scale, flexible, and simple system configuration for controlling up to 100 remote cameras and the simultaneous use of multiple controllers.
A new joystick enables high response pan and tilt operation, and a newly designed control panel adds colour adjustment dials.


Phabrix Ltd

Hall/Stand: H43

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Phabrix Rack Mount

Phabrix Rack Mount Rx2000

the tailgate of an outside broadcast truck with an HDMI or SDI feed from the unit into the interior of the van to provide a multi viewer of instruments for shading applications. The technology can cleverly provide a dedicated generator and analyser including physical layer analysis on the dual screen chassis in the tailgate during set up from any of the inputs fed to the chassis

Phabrix Rx Range

New Loudness Option and 2K for Phabrix

PHABRIX will be releasing a new loudness option for the Rx range at BVE this year further enhancing the functionality of its modular rack mount products. Boasting simultaneous monitoring of four independent channels, the new option is set to place the Rx at the top of system integrator interest and engineering departments at the show.


PNY Technologies

Hall/Stand: H21

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PNY Quadro K5000

PNY NVIDIA® Quadro® K5000

The NVIDIA® Quadro® K5000 taps into the new NVIDIA Kepler architecture to deliver the world’s most compatible and power-efficient GPU for accelerating professional applications.

The Quadro K5000 features a range of innovative features, including SMX for increased per-clock throughput of key graphics operations and bindless textures that enable the GPU to reference textures directly in memory.


Primera Europe GmbH

Hall/Stand: A14

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LTH Blu-ray Disc

LTH Blu-ray Disc

Primera is proud to present the brand-new LTH Blu-ray Disc - the first WaterShield Blu-ray Disc in the world, developed by JVC. All of Primera’s inkjet based disc publishers support this new BD-R media - offering the same fantastic print quality as seen with JVC's CD and DVD WaterShield media. The surface of LTH Blu-ray Discs is highly water-, smudge and smear-resistant and therefore protects each disc from all kinds of liquids.


Proactive UK

Hall/Stand: D25

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A new and exciting innovator of products for DSLR’s and small Camcorders. The M1 mini crane is new to the UK and with its carbon fibre shaft and tilting head creates a really exciting solution for small jib work. Ifootage have also release the Wildcat compact camera stabiliser and the fast releasing Mogopod.

Lishuai Lighting

Lishuai Lighting

Lishuai manufacture LED and Fluorescent lighting. The LED bi-colour panels feature the latest LCD touchscreen giving you accurate control over colour temperature and dimming. Lishuai also create a range of small on camera bi-colour panels which fit on a standard shoe mount.


UPRTEK MK350 LED Spectometer

UPRTEK MK350 LED Spectrometer for accurate LED Measurement of CRI, LUX and Colour Temperature.


Varavon Camera Sliders

Varavon precision engineering helps to create an essential piece of equipment for your kit list. The roller bearing system combined with the chrome coated aluminium shaft creates a long lasting smooth slide motion. Varavons unique innovation has produced the worlds first curved slider, The Ark.


E-Image Tripods

As a leading manufacturer of tripods worldwide, the next Generation of E-Image tripods provide an exciting and affordable solution for all aspects of professional video. The GH series will be launched at BVE and Proav will be showing the full range from 3kg payload to 25kg.



Edelkrone Slider Plus+ the World’s first 1ft slider that performs a 2ft slide when tripod mounted and Pocket Rig, the smallest DSLR Rig available.


Rigging Services

Hall/Stand: PS-C22

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CM Lodestar D8DIN

DIN 56950

When using these new DIN spec hoists for static load there is a major change. When using a hoist that complies with the new version of the standard, you do not need to “dead hang” the load. This not only simplifies the task of rigging it is also cost effective and a safer method of rigging as it greatly reduces the Working at Height risks.


Roland Systems Group

Hall/Stand: B17

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Broadcast Video Expo will host the UK debut of the Roland M-200i - a compact 32 channel professional digital mixing console offering the flexibility and mobility of comprehensive iPad control.

The M-200i V-Mixer is a powerful addition to the V-Mixing System line-up that includes solutions for live sound with consoles, digital snakes, integrated playback/record and personal mixing



Roland R-88 8 Channel Recorder and Mixer

The R-88 is ideal for recordists who currently record in stereo but want to switch to multi channel recording and for those who need more channels than existing 4 channel recorders.

Designed for a variety of professional needs, the R-88 provides a portable recording and mixing solution for situations where there are multiple microphones on location and music recordings with more than 4 microphone channels.


V-40HD Live Video Switcher

Ideal for any live event or installation that requires the freedom to connect a variety of sources and is also for configurations using HDMI cameras as well as computers. 

As a true multi-format video switcher, there is no need to match the input sources to the output resolution as each input has its own broadcast quality scaler.



Hall/Stand: AA18

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SanDisk Ultra Plus

SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD

Ideal for consumers who want to boost their notebook or desktop computer’s boot, shutdown, data-transfer and application launch times. The low latency of the SATA 3.0 drive allows it to respond quickly, even with a heavy workload, and its consistently high read speed is ideal for read-intensive applications such as multimedia consumption.

SanDisk X110

SanDisk X110 SSD

Enables notebook and tablet OEM manufacturers to design fast, responsive systems with the sleek, thin form factors consumers’ desire. The X110, successor to SanDisk’s popular X100 SSD, delivers fast sequential and random read/write speeds and employs a low power architecture that significantly reduces the power consumed by the device in low power modes.


Sonifex Ltd

Hall/Stand: E03

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Sonifex CM-CU1 Commentator Unit At Broadcast

The CM-CU1 offers the same high quality specification as the CM-CU21, with a feature set tailored to single commentator applications. It provides a fully featured commentator position and a line-level input. It has an individual commentator output, with an additional output providing a mix of commentator and line input audio.

CMU1 Commentator

Sonifex CM-TB8 8 Channel Talkback Control Unit

The CM-TB8 is a powerful and highly flexible self contained communications unit allowing multiple 4-wires and IFBs within a single 1U rack space. It offers easy connection to any industry standard talkback system including the Sonifex CM-TLL line listen unit plus the CM-CU1 and CM-CU21 commentator units.



Redbox RB-IPE IP Extender for GPIO & Analogue Control Signals

The RB-IPE is a 1U rackmount unit designed to provide remote control of GPIO and analogue control voltages over an Ethernet network. Configured using a built-in web server, two units can control each other across an Ethernet network, or a single unit via Ethernet commands and the web server interface.


Sony Europe Ltd

Hall/Stand: C38

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Ideal for event production, this affordable Large Format Sensor camcorder ensures you stand out from the crowd with a cinematic look whilst long recording times and unique ergonomics mean you capture all of the action.

Sony PMW-150

Sony PMW-150


This XDCAM HD422 handheld camcorder features a versatile wide angle 20x zoom lens allowing you to quickly capture a range of shots in broadcast approved HD  making it ideal for even the fastest environments.


Sony PMW-200

Sony PMW-200


With EBU approval for mainstream broadcast production, our PMW-200 is the only handheld camcorder to come equipped with three 1/2-inch Exmor™ CMOS sensors and Full HD 422 recording at 50 Mbps – making it ideal for a wide range of shooting conditions.



Sony PVM-X300

Sony PVM-X300

A 30-inch 4K LCD panel, capable of displaying over four times Full HD  resolution (4096 x 2160) with a slim, lightweight design to allow 4K monitoring in the field. The PVM-X300 incorporates Sony's exclusive TRIMASTER™ technology architecture, achieving excellent color and picture quality reproduction which makes this monitor ideal for 4K cinema production (onset monitoring, dailies and editing), 4K live production (camera control, program preview) and real-time 4K presentation.

Sony DWZM70

Sony DWZ Series

Sony DWZ Series for AV Media and Corporate Presentation will be at BVE 2013 for the first time in the UK. The DWZ-B70HL, digital wireless lavalier and headset and the DWZ-M70, digital wireless microphone set are both tailored presenter models using 2.4GHz frequency range and including an intelligent feedback reducer & AES encryption for secure transmission. Check out full information at


Square Box Media

Hall/Stand: G61

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FocalPoint Server is an easy-to-use digital asset management program for major NLEs such as Final Cut Pro, Avid and Premiere, VFX and graphics packages.


TNP Broadcast Sales Ltd

TNP Broadcast Sales Ltd

Hall / Stand: A15


The FTM-043-3G is a compact & cost effective field monitoring device which supports the new 1080p 3Gb/s HD, SD and analog formats. It has the ability to generate Video signals in HD: 3Gb/s, 1.5Gb/s,  SD: 270 Mb/s & Composite and Analog Audio 1 K Tone simultaneously. 
The FTM-043-3G features 4.3” LCD Screen and supports HD, SD, Composite Analog video inputs, Embedded Audio on HD and SD and Analog Audio. The FTM-043-3G can decode embedded audio on 3.5mm front Jack and display 16CH Audio Metering.
sfpSFP-3G Series

The NEW SFP-3G Series consists of SFP-217-3G, SFP-221-3G, SFP-224-3G & SFP-232-3G, 17", 21", 24" & 32" FULL HD 1920x1080 Precision Broadcast LCD Series which is built with 17", 21" 24" & 32" high quality panel respectively. The SFP-3G series adapt to various PLURA SFP modules which can fit any possible broadcast application. It supports up to 3 Gbps-1080-60P along with all other Digital and Analog inputs & formats. The SFP-3G series is capable of converting the SD/HD/3G input to HDMI output.

White Light

Hall/Stand: AA15

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LES Studio 3300

PR Lighting LED Studio 3300

The  LED  Studio  3300  is  a  new  launched  product,  with  PR independent intellectual property rights and patents. They feature in soft  and  uniform  light  output,  high  light  efficiency,  stable  color temperature and high color rendering index, as well as with two kinds of different color temperature 3200K and 5600K are optional. They are ideal for special photography and TV studio application.

Tiny CX

LOOK Solution Tiny CX

The TINY CX is the latest, modified successor of the TINY C07.
Unlike the TINY C07, the TINY CX has a changeable battery. Thus, the machine is even more efficient. If the battery is empty, a new one can simply be inserted without losing time with recharging.
The TINY CX is delivered in a carrying case.

Tiny FX

LOOK Solutions Tiny FX

The TINY FX is the latest, modified successor of the Tiny F07. The design and also some components have been changed:
Due to the installation of a smaller, efficient pump, dimensions and weight could be reduced again.
The fluid reservoir can be screwed directly into the machine. Thus, an external fluid tank and fluid tube are not necessary and the TINY FX only has two components: machine and battery pack


WTS Broadcast

Hall/Stand: E66

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TVU Pack 8200

TVU Pack TM8200

TVUPack TM8200 offers broadcasters, videographers, and camera crews the world's smallest, lightest and most powerful mobile wireless 3G/4G/LTE uplink solution available in a backpack. With TVUPack TM8200, camera crews can capture and transmit live HD video from more locations while using fewer data cards.


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